Coder100 (17039)
Materialize Template
# **MATERIALIZE TEMPLATE** Materialize is Google's official UI design. Google looks good, but Google is hard to implement. ## About Materialize websit...
IndyRishi (150)
20 question quiz template
Replace "definition" and "word" with your terms. Run it and it should work.
channin (6)
PHP + Replit Database Connection
# Repl.it Database + PHP Template I made this for anyone who uses PHP and wants a boilerplate/template to access their replit database with PHP. Ther...
Codemonkey51 (1047)
Template template repost
# What is this? this is a template that you can use for making other templates # How long did this take you to make? About 10-30 minutes # What does...
ironblockhd (425)
Improved signup template
# old features - secure sign up - secure log in - secure remember me - unique salt for every instance # new features - req.loggedIn and req.username i...
LizFoster (648)
Pixel Art Builder!!
Here is my submission! This takes a url to an image, and makes the turtle draw it! To use it, use [this program](https://repl.it/@LizFoster/TEMP). Co...
JBloves27 (1720)
# A FULLY FUNCTIONAL PYTHON TEXT EDITOR! ##### A template. ## Intro #### So this was originally a share, but I edited it a bit to make it a template!...
SpaceFire (120)
DiscordPy Template
# Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls ##### oh and that talking cactus # I present to you a DiscordPy template Features: - Flask Server to keep it a...
CodeSalvageON (606)
Social Media Template
A Primitive example of a social media website.
GaneshaSharma (49)
VPS server
# What it is This is like a little AWS, that you can customize. Not much to see here. It's mainly just a "GUI" to the shell tab. ## It does these thi...
real time updating text
this is a very simple program that will update the html on the website in real-time as you type it. you could use it as a template for an effect on a...
ChezCoder (1588)
Fully Functional Login and Signup System
## When forking this project, don't forget to hash the passwords and replace everything in `database.json` with `{}`. I felt like making a login and...
MrEconomical (2282)
WebSocket Server Template
# Basic WebSocket Server This is an extension of the HTTP server template I posted earlier that adds a WebSocket server. In the demo I built a very s...
EpicRaisin (250)
JS Canvas Template
Looking through the templates, I didn't see any that was a template for pure JS canvas. There were some for libraries, but none that show raw canvas i...
Kudos (115)
OCaml template
OCaml support for repl.it with syntax highlighting!
MrEconomical (2282)
Simple HTML Canvas Template
# JavaScript Canvas Rendering Simple template for HTML canvases and the javascript needed to interact with them. Built around a tick-based system and...
Kudos (115)
Fortran support + Syntax highlighting!
I found out that repl.it has the fortran compiler built in, so I created a template for fortran! Enjoy!
AnthonyMouse (80)
Server Starter
Here’s a template in NodeJS to help you get started in web dev with back-end!
sojs (298)
A simple template for creating NodeJs RPG games
# Setting Up To set up your dungeon, you need to do 2 very simple things. Number 1: Fork the repl provided. Number 2: run it. Your dungeon is now set...
Cheesehasman (18)
My portfolio template (feel free to use it :) )
# About the template ## This is just a simple template that you can use to show of your skills, talk about yourself, get in touch with others and get...
CodingCactus (4189)
Tutorial/docs Website Template
Everything is explained in the GUIDE.md in the repl, but ill copy it here anyway lol If there is something which isn't explained, then please tell me...
c4syner (82)
Python Discord Bot Template
A simple boiler plate discord bot for python. It has support for `.env` variables and a system to keep the bot alive eternally (without it falling as...
CodeLongAndPros (1593)
DLang support
This template adds support for the D programming language. Please see https://repl.it/talk/learn/DLang-templatetutorial/42775 For more info on D.
AdCharity (1317)
Voice Assistant Template
### Simple Voice Assistant Includes: - ok design with animations - easy adding commands - credit.js (add github/twitter easily to any page) - piss peo...
GarrettTijsma (6)
I made a Rust template with cargo in it!
I was sick of the default Rust repl not having cargo in it (it totally should, or at least be an option), so I made a template for myself, but I figur...
21natzil (1176)
Disco-py (NOT discord.py) bot template + extra features!
# Disco-py bot template! This is a working bot that is set up and ready to be used as a template. You will need to learn how to use disco-py, not dis...
RebiraJemama (1)
this is a simple calculator that can do addition
PYer (3831)
Simple API Template (without API keys)
My two APIs gathered a lot of attention on repl talk, so I decided to create a template for creating a simple one! To keep it simple, I did not includ...
almostStatic (107)
Node.js Discord Bot Template
# Hello People This is a Discord bot starter template I've been working on. Here are some features which it can provide for you: * Command Handling...
VulcanWM (2341)
Pickle Log In and Sign Up
Exactly what it says on the title. Thanks to @techgeek680 for the idea and @squidcoder for teaching me how to use pickle.