Node.js Discord Bot Template
almostStatic (116)

Hello People

This is a Discord bot starter template I've been working on. Here are some features which it can provide for you:

  • Command Handling
    • Your commands will be in the commands folder.
    • Command Cool downs
    • owner only commands (will be displayed on help command)
    • guild only commands (will be displayed on help command)
    • usage (will be display on help command)
    • description (will be displayed on help command)
  • .env config file
    • prefix
    • token
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zog1 (16)

neat project but this is probably the 3rd discord bot template including the example provided in the announcement post. but still good job

almostStatic (116)

@zog1 I know, I'm not expecting to win :/ Also, I had this as a pre existing repl so it wasn't that much work :shrug:

I just feel that Discord bots are more... templatable

zog1 (16)

@static2020 keep your hopes up you might win

almostStatic (116)

@zog1 who knows? I guess time will tell