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Website Template
SilvermoonCat (436)

Website template

you can use this for yourself! Just fill in the names (and I would love to help you if you need it).


The main themes are light pastel rainbow colors, the default is blue. By clicking “change style” you will change the theme. If you know CSS then you can also modify it however you want once it is your website :D


The current links are my projects, so remove them once you can. Just flip to the html file (e.g. projects.html) and find the link, then replace it.


In the files, index.html = homepage, projects.html = projects, contact.html = contact. Use these to help you find the file and inside them you can find the paragraphs. Sometimes I will mark inside the code to help you. If you want help you can ask me!

I know this isn’t some really fancy website but hope you like it


DrHalloween (14)

(I know this isn't much to do with the post but i notice you're a warrior cats fan too :D)

SilvermoonCat (436)

@DrHalloween mhm, are you one as well? :D I am one! As you can see... “Silvermoon” lol

DrHalloween (14)

@SilvermoonCat I am one as well yes! Favourite cat?

SilvermoonCat (436)

@DrHalloween hhhmmmm
Mapleshade or Bluestar? I also like Squirrelflight :P
and a few cats I made up like Mintblossom, Rainpetal, and Honeyshine, or Silvermoon xD

DrHalloween (14)

@SilvermoonCat It'd either be Jayfeather, Rock or Rootspring
I used to roleplay with a bunch of people and my characters were Pheonixfur, Ivykit, Poppypaw and Specklestar

SilvermoonCat (436)

@DrHalloween Nice! yea I like Jayfeather as well :) and Ooo I made a character called Poppystrike. I just always used Silvermoon and Snowstorm. (from the beginning, then there’s a lot more) and I wonder if you used my code, “warrior name generator” as proof hmm

DrHalloween (14)

@SilvermoonCat My main character used to be Specklestar (it was actually originally Specklefur, which i believe was the mother of Snowkit?? Or was that someone else...?)

IntellectualGuy (822)

Nice, only thing I would suggest is on the change style, show all of the color options instead of cycling through them.

SilvermoonCat (436)

@IntellectualGuy how's it now? :> just hover over chagne style