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Start a game in C#!
firefish (1004)

"HahaNo™" - Copyright Firefish company, stolen from @HahaYes and @DynamicSquid

This is a simple template to make an easy game! Inspired by @Bookie0 's one in Python. Based on the weird and wonderful game by me:

How to

Just follow the, or follow the comments
Just to clarify, The method ColouWrite has a boolean as the first argument, which says whether it should slowPrint or not, The string, then finally the colour as part of the ConsoleColor enumeration.
Also, change the namespace in enemy.cs, main.cs, and player.cs from "Your" to the name of your game (must start with capital letter, can be camel case one word only.)


Languages I'm learning:

ShivankChhaya (236)

I would use this, but sadly I don't know C#. Its really good anyway!

firefish (1004)

@ShivankChhaya Thank you! I could make the equivalent template in python, if you would like.

ShivankChhaya (236)

@johnstev111 Thank you! I would really love that.

ELITECoderAlexL (1)

THANK YOU! I am coding in C# and this will be VERY useful in an RPG game I want to make!

firefish (1004)

@HahaYes HaHaLOL, trademarked by hahayes inc (i won't take this, hahano is funnier)