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Costope21 (78)

It's a little Template - Have fun with the templates! I hope you enjoy it. As always, I read comments but don't all answer them. Have a nice day!

isaiah08 (87)

Nice! The only problem is that if you open it in a new tab, everything disappears. Try using cookies to store data instead!

thethermometer (3)

Nice work! Jsyk, the <center> tags are deprecated, so you shouldn't use them. Just put the CSS text-align: center;. Lol, this is actually not cloud though. It would be cool if it were.

Costope21 (78)

@thethermometer Oki. For the future I use this. Thanks :D

SudhanshuMishra (250)

using local storage i see

Nice work I am upvoting

JBloves27 (1901)

Very nice, just pls dont ask for upvotes, thanks!

Costope21 (78)

@JBloves27 Ok. I changed! Thanks for hint :)

Costope21 (78)

Can we do a program together? If so, then with HTML. I would be happy if you feel like it!

JBloves27 (1901)

hmmm, sure! Just not rn, because im very busy! ;) @Costope21

Hund21 (1)

Im a fan of you :D