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NodeJS GraphQL Template

By: RayhanADev

This is a simple NodeJS Template to use's API/GraphQL to get information about a user!

How to Use

Everything is already set up! Simply replace the [username] field when you call the getData function!




{ karma: 653, firstName: 'Rayhan', lastName: 'Arayilakath', bio: 'G’day, name’s Ray and since you came by check out http://bitly/ReplitUserSearch!', isVerified: true, timeCreated: '2020-09-09T12:47:49.218Z', isLoggedIn: false, organization: { name: 'Furret Developer' }, subscription: { planId: 'hacker2' }, roles: [ { name: 'self learner' }, { name: 'explorer' } ] }

Pro Tip: Want to learn how to query GraphQL and make your own project? Learn from my tutorial!

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websockets ofc, but I have a server repl (on a secret alt) and I'll be making client side on this account. It'll be like a draft style pokemon duel where you can queue up /make custom rooms, and at the start you and your opponent gets to choose 3 between 6 pokemon to be on your team.