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NodeJS GraphQL Template

By: RayhanADev

This is a simple NodeJS Template to use's API/GraphQL to get information about a user!

How to Use

Everything is already set up! Simply replace the [username] field when you call the getData function!




{ karma: 653, firstName: 'Rayhan', lastName: 'Arayilakath', bio: 'G’day, name’s Ray and since you came by check out http://bitly/ReplitUserSearch!', isVerified: true, timeCreated: '2020-09-09T12:47:49.218Z', isLoggedIn: false, organization: { name: 'Furret Developer' }, subscription: { planId: 'hacker2' }, roles: [ { name: 'self learner' }, { name: 'explorer' } ] }

Pro Tip: Want to learn how to query GraphQL and make your own project? Learn from my tutorial!

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Lol I really can't remember anything from back in 2017. It is primarily the same just has different styles nowdays. A bit more languages have been added since then and the terminal has been updated quite a bit. The terminal used to be very, VERY bold and you'd just sit there and see one side being the code, one side being the crappy terminal, then that old ugly run button lol.