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Python Chatting Template!
JBloves27 (1784)

A fully functional Python Chatting Template!

Made by @JBYT27 (me)


I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting repl with Python. I checked out the repl talk for more info about it, as I coded this. However, it seemed like there were many questions and posts, trying to make this kind of code. So I coded this! :D


The code is actually pretty simple, the only problem was that it didn't have real time chatting. So you wouldn't know when whoever messaged whoever. However, I do have a simple solution to solve this problem. So if you guys type in the time and your time zone, that would solve it! I also added a login system, just in case no one would hack each other (imposter). I am also going to make another template after this ;)


This was my first template, and I hope it made it nonconfusing! Comment down below for suggestions or fork it! Cya on the next post! Thanks!

NOTE: Please don't ask for editing access, it annoys me and this is a template, you can just fork it. Thanks!

JulianaGeneva (2)

I like it, fairly straightforward, I didn't think it was confusing. :)

DanielShapiro75 (1)

Love it! Gonna be used by me a lot!

UniqueFX (0)

if you use the python datetime module, it is possible to display time without having the user post it. This could prevent inconveniences.

UniqueFX (0)

Also stated before, it doesn't work with multiple people using it at once @UniqueFX

JBloves27 (1784)

yeah, this is kinda an old template, ill make a new template that actually works later. ;) @UniqueFX

UniqueFX (0)

Yeah I know... I'm a bit late... @JBloves27

ParrotDev (8)

The only problem is it doesn't work for 2 people using it at the same time :(

ooooaunglay55 (0)