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Python Chatting Template!
JBloves27 (1695)

A fully functional Python Chatting Template!

Made by @JBYT27 (me)


I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting repl with Python. I checked out the repl talk for more info about it, as I coded this. However, it seemed like there were many questions and posts, trying to make this kind of code. So I coded this! :D


The code is actually pretty simple, the only problem was that it didn't have real time chatting. So you wouldn't know when whoever messaged whoever. However, I do have a simple solution to solve this problem. So if you guys type in the time and your time zone, that would solve it! I also added a login system, just in case no one would hack each other (imposter). I am also going to make another template after this ;)


This was my first template, and I hope it made it nonconfusing! Comment down below for suggestions or fork it! Cya on the next post! Thanks!

NOTE: Please don't ask for editing access, it annoys me and this is a template, you can just fork it. Thanks!

JulianaGeneva (2)

I like it, fairly straightforward, I didn't think it was confusing. :)

DanielShapiro75 (1)

Love it! Gonna be used by me a lot!

ParrotDev (5)

The only problem is it doesn't work for 2 people using it at the same time :(

ooooaunglay55 (0)