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Personal Website Template
JWZ6 (650)

Just use it

InvisibleOne (2986)

Nice, I like all the colors, it's really bright and cheerful

xfinnbar (82)

I'm sorry to break it to you that CSS is not great. You could improve it by:

  • Stopping overuse of gradients and rainbows
  • Following any design system/scheme (Google material, Mircosoft fluent, Apple ADR, etc.)
  • Removing crazy looking fonts (Just use open sans it's pretty good)
  • Sticking to black, white or grey backgrounds so that other colours can be used to draw attention
  • As much use of transitions as possible, especially on hover effects, such as on the navbar
  • Make navbars take up space (make them push everything out of their way)
  • If your background is black or dark grey, use lots of glows, and if it is white, use lots of shadows.

(I'm not trying to be mean, just constructive criticism.)

JWZ6 (650)

@xfinnbar hmmmmmmmm ok will do

HrushalNikhare (2)

Try using for colors and for random color to put into color.adobe

HrushalNikhare (2)

@JWZ6 to improve the the contrast and make it more color ful

JWZ6 (650)

@HrushalNikhare it technically is already really colorful