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New Discord.JS Bot Template!
snommi (2)

I thought it would be a cool idea to upgrade the currently existing discord bot template!

Basically my friend was trying to make a discord bot using discord.js and Replit, so I thought it would be fun to make a far better bot template using the same systems my bot game from!


  • technically initial release

    • yeah this is my first release, it is called v3 as it is v3 of what i used for my bot
    • cry about it
  • better code optimization

    • uses multiple files and fs to far greater ranges
    • prettied up the console and made everything log nicely
    • more optimized systems
  • explained code and included resources

    • the old one was lacking any explanation of code, i explain what each system does and how to add on to it
    • included links to good resources to learn more in certain spots
  • made by a cooler person

    • no offense to the public template for a discord.js bot, but i'm cooler
    • who doesn't love snom?
    • if you disagree with my opinion that is okay.

How to Use Template:

Click on this post!
Click open in the top right corner of the display of the template
Click fork on the top right corner
You're good to go! Happy Coding!

Asking questions in the replit discord!
Programming Centered Discord Servers!
(i cant help with finding them, but it is a great place to look
Stack Overflow