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Login with Discord Template
ssebastianoo (14)

A Python Flask app that makes people login with Discord using OAUTH2 lib.

gavinwinsagain (17)

How do I set this up when I remix it doesn’t work?

ssebastianoo (14)

@gavinwinsagain line 8 change base_url and create a .env with OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID = your_client_id and OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET = your_client_secret

^ take them from the Discord dev portal

gavinwinsagain (17)

So when I did this now it says “invalid 0AUTH2” redirect @ssebastianoo

AgastyaSandhuja (172)

cool! How would i get the profile picture?

ssebastianoo (14)

hello, go on /me and you can find your avatar in Bytes @AgastyaSandhuja. You can get it with user["avatar"]