Beats | A Discord Music Bot

Beats Template

Have you ever wanted to create your own Discord™ music bot like Groovy? Well here it is! Just fork the template, edit the settings that states, and you bot will be running fast and smooth!

How do you keep it uptime at all times?

Once you are done editing the settings, run the bot. You should see and URL. It should be like this: If it is like that, perfect! If it isn't, please DM me on Discord: RocketSpot#9395. Copy the URL and go to UptimeRobot, create an account, and create a new cluster. Choose HTTP, name your cluster, and in the link section, put the link inside the section, and save the cluster. Then your done!

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(Isn't this basically just: ?)
Otherwise, nice!
{I found it because the github files are still there..}
(also, if you're going to use this, make it so it uses environment variables for sensitive keys & tokens!)


@Itsyourdriver Ok thanks, umm, my friend gave me it so i just uploaded it :| sorry