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HTML Clicker Template
Nixify (7)

A Simple Clicker Template

I dont know how to make money come per second
Edit: @InvisibleOne Helped Me :D

+1 Clicks - Cost 10 Clicks
+10 Clicks - Cost 30 Clicks
+50 Clicks - Cost 100 Clicks
+100 Clicks - Cost 500 Clicks

You can add more


btfuss (178)

javascript:var DELAY = 0.5;var autoClickerStyleElement = document.createElement("style");autoClickerStyleElement.innerHTML="*{cursor: crosshair !important;}";document.body.appendChild(autoClickerStyleElement);function addClicker(e) {if(!e.isTrusted) {return;}if("auto-clicker-target")) {"auto-clicker-target");} else {"auto-clicker-target");}document.body.removeChild(autoClickerStyleElement);document.body.removeEventListener("click", addClicker);e.preventDefault();autoClick(;}function autoClick(element) {if(element.classList.contains("auto-clicker-target")) {;setTimeout(function(){ autoClick(element); }, DELAY);}}document.body.addEventListener("click", addClicker, 0);

InvisibleOne (3200)

If you want to give them clicks per second, do something like this:

var clicksPerSecond = 1;

setInterval(function() {
  totalClicks += clicksPerSecond;
}, 1000);
Nixify (7)

it'll keep [email protected]
if it does, how to add a time wait?

InvisibleOne (3200)

The interval is built into that, I have it set as 1000 (one second) but you can change that number to whatever you like, and it will carry out the function that often. @Nixify