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Free Minecraft Server Template!
UnluckyFroggy (825)

Here is a free Minecraft server template that you can run online for free! Your not going to see this very often (maybe never) so here it is. All you have to do is change the folder that says "Server Name" to whatever name you want, go into the "" file and change "YOUR_WORLD_NAME" to your world name and then add your Minecraft info to "ops.json". I would really appreciate if you gave this an upvote! Thanks Guys!

korvollekorv (12)

How do i get the ip for the server?

UnluckyFroggy (825)

Hope you enjoy this template!

BD103 (139)

No mean to be rude, but... isn't this illegal?

Edit: oop just realized that you can get the .jar file on gamepedia :P

OvercastSchool (0)

you can also do it using nodejs and the package 'minecraft-protocol'

HaydenCollins (0)

@unlucky frog Hay can you make that website unblocker but the word proxy is taking
out of it, because i'm on a school computer and it's has been block for having the word proxy in the search bar @unlucky frog