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DiscordPy Template
SpaceFire (120)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

oh and that talking cactus

I present to you a DiscordPy template


  • Flask Server to keep it alive
  • make_embed function
  • simple help command
  • error message for incorrect command
  • discord.Ext
  • on_ready() message
  • env token variable (but you have to provide your own token)

Hope you find this helpful as i often find myself needing something like this

SpaceFire (120)

@ZDev1 You need to provide a bot token for it to work

AstOwOlfo (257) > applications > new application > bot > create bot account > bot token @Leroy01010

CodingCactus (4188)

@SpaceFire not sure why you have that ctx variable tho

octopyBot (266)

@CodingCactus ahaha he was talking about you. don't know if that's a coincidence or wut?

octopyBot (266)

@CodingCactus oh good cuz that cracked me up