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Dark Portfolio Site Template
SilvermoonCat (435)

Portfolio Site

Made by @SilvermoonCat
Btw- Pleaes credit if using 0w0 ×

Heeeyy! I made a new Portfolio Site! The old one is here.
By the way--I got some inspiration online, so you might recognize some of these animation things

The goal of this site is

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient


For those of you who might not know much...
This will help you fill the site out!
1. First, fork
2. Scroll down


Open this file >:)

Line 6: <title>Name<title>

this is the title shown on the tab!
Change it to whatever you want

Line 11: Your Name Here

This is the typed out name! Enter your username/whatever nickname you prefer :)

Line 21, 22: Lorem ipsum...description

Description of yourself! Delete the custom text and write about yourself! E.G. self-taught Javascript coder, programmer, etc.

Line 30 and down: Projects!

Here are your projects. They are formatted like this:
<a href = "#">Project 1</a>

In the #, put in the project link/url.
The project name goes in 'Project 1'
--continue down the projects, you may delete a line if needed or add one--

YOU FINISHED! Now you have a fully customized portfolio site!



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Costope21 (68)

Good project! You get from me a Vote! :)