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Chatting App Template - Template Jam
snowboardsheep (25)

Simple Chatting App Template

Build a Chatting Application with Node,, and Express


This template is based off of a previous project I created, called Sendverse ( If you are interested in this, you might want to check it out.

This template is written in Node, with an Express server, and to handle messages.

How to use

Navigating this template is simple. index.js in the root directory contains the server-side code. The public directory contains the html, css, and javascript for the actual page. Both of these parts can operate independently, allowing you to create whatever you want. listens on message for for JSONs in the following format:

    message: <string>

The messages are emitted in the same way.


No template is good without a few ideas. Here are a couple:
1. Use other people's templates to extend this.
2. Maybe make this look nicer, as this is pretty barebones.
3. Connect a database to this, so that messages can be remembered.

Please comment if you made anything with this! It would be really cool to see if anyone makes something with this!

One final note

Song: Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder
All software written by Liam Ilan

andrewmeireplit (1)

Wow! This is so cool!