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Advanced Discord.JS Bot Template
ObiVibKenobi (173)

DiscordJS bot template

Only recommended for if you have experience in both DiscordJS and NodeJS

If you have proficiency in NodeJS but not DiscordJS, I advise using an online tutorial or using my simple template.

If you have little to NO experience, I advise getting better at JavaScript first

On that Note, Here’s the template!

ObiVibKenobi (173)

Just ignore those messages in the console, if it runs your bot then its fine... (it should run your bot, it works for me) @ShivenMehta

dragonslayer69w (2)

it says require.resolve is not a function

ObiVibKenobi (173)

Yeah, I know, but it should still run and bring your bot online (It works for me...) @dragonslayer69w