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A nice custom personal website (portfolio)
Cooli (21)

Hi, there!

This is a personal website build by Cooli using python via flask

Languages Used

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JS

  • JSON


Reason for language

Python - Hostinfg the website & getting the data
JSON - To get the data for the blog posts!

Helping Me!

If you guys want to help you can comment in replit and I will fix the error (like grammar or help me think of ideas) and put your name in the by section!


ch1ck3n (2373)

also json is not a language

ch1ck3n (2373)

you did NOT make shell shock.

ch1ck3n (2373)

@Cooli it is just an iframe pointing to the shellshock site

MrVoo (95)

@Cooli thats not a clone of it. Thats it