Costope21 (68)
Here is a little Calculator. Have a wonderfull day!
ruiwenge2 (564)
Express Login System
This is a login system made with Express.
JBloves27 (1883)
Python Chatting Template!
# A ~~fully functional~~ Python Chatting Template! ##### Made by @JBYT27 (me) ## About #### I made this for others who have wanted to code a chatting...
ch1ck3n (2048)
epic dashboard template
Hiya I made a little dashboard template using pure css! (It's not quite responsive though... I'm sorry) It's free to use, and might make even more i...
UnluckyFroggy (824)
Free Minecraft Server Template!
Here is a free Minecraft server template that you can run online for free! Your not going to see this very often (maybe never) so here it is. All you...
lilykhan (854)
Portfolio Site Template
#### This is a simple portfolio website template that I made for template jam. You can use it and make it yours by changing things and colors...
PYer (4012)
🌙 Dark Theme - Template
Here's a template I spent a lot of time on, for a great dark theme! It uses most semantic elements to structure the page, and also has a lot of built-...
32-Bit Operating System Template
# OS Template OS Development is a very interesting topic. I personally love OSDev, and I think you will too! I made this template of a 32-Bit operatin...
Bookie0 (6263)
Sci-fi/Space Theme Portfolio Template Site
# Hey! Here is a Portfolio Template Site, made in `HTML` `CSS` `JS`! But it's not like any other template that you just fork (though you can fork thi...
CoolCoderSJ (608) Slash Commands Bot Starter
Slash commands are all the rage nowadays, (Not really) so it's cool to integrate them into your own bot, right? This template makes that easy. ### S...
KunalHedaoo (27)
box background animation
this code is for the background animation in the webpage and make it look awesome😎......
Costope21 (68)
It's a little Template - Have fun with the templates! I hope you enjoy it. As always, I read comments but don't all answer them. Have a nice day!
CodeLongAndPros (1624)
Private-Public repls
Sometimes you want to keep a file private but you don't have hacker. You can use this template. So to use it, place your code in a folder named `code`...
amasad (3447)
The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
If you've ever used React.js on you probably know how painful it is -- it is slow to start up and the filewatching-updating cycle makes it bug...
PowerCoder (740)
👌🎮 Platformer video game template 🎮👌
This template will give you the simple yet important starting point for a platformer game. It will include smooth physics, movement, and a collision d...
AstrumDeorum (142)
Clicker Game Template
This is the basic framework for making a clicker game. It has the basic displays for cookie count and cps and functions for clicking the cookie and bu...
Zavexeon (1162)
Advanced Discord.js Bot Template (With database and extensions!)
## Advanced Modular Discord.js Bot Tempate ### Introduction So for a while now I've been working on a bot named Lilac2. I built I really in depth base...
Dart (1200)
Simple bot template!
So I was browsing around the templates when I noticed the lack of a simple bot template so here I give you: ## Darts bot starte...
ChezCoder (1606)
Make your own console
# HIIII Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)! Chang...
codingjlu (210)
ReplitDB for Java!!
# JeplDB - ReplitDB for Java So I got tired of how annoying it is and how little support ReplitDB has in several languages, including Java. So I decid...
UnluckyFroggy (824)
Cool website to test your Webcam.
Cool website to test your Webcam.
SilvermoonCat (435)
Website Template
# Website template you can use this for yourself! Just fill in the names (and I would love to help you if you need it). ## Styles The main themes are...
AmazingMech2418 (1083)
Programming Language Template
# Programming Language Template Have you ever wanted to create your own programming language in Node.JS? If so, this template is right for you! Using...
RayhanADev (2512) Talk GraphQL/API Template
# **NodeJS GraphQL Template** #### *By: RayhanADev* This is a simple NodeJS Template to use's API/GraphQL to get information about a user! #...
YodaCode (116)
Quickstart Webserver
A way to get a web server up and running, quickly. It includes a static hosting folder, a bash file for importing modules, and a node.js file for opti...
MatthewMungai1 (40)
Login Template!
Here's a template for login pages! Includes a forgot password page, but the reset link email doesn't get sent. Also, the login isn't functional, so yo...
IntellectualGuy (820)
War Game Template
Hi this is a small war game template that I made using python. I hope you use it when you make your next game. # Enjoy
Ben2125 (4)
New Chat with SimplyChat
A template for a chat. I just submitted it because the current chat template needs some changes. This stores chats in a chats.txt file, so no chats di...
AdCharity (1322)
Space/Repl Themed Landing Page
### EPIC SPACE THEMED LANDING PAGE I noticed I only had two templates, so I managed to squeeze in one last one. Inspired by and some random sp...
CoolJames1610 (765)
[] Discord Bot Web Dashboard Template
The template for [this tutorial](