AntimatterDev (33)
fractal art
I havent seen the end of this yet
SeanLloyd (0)
Try Catch Finally Exceptions
An example of why finally would be used with try/catch. Shown on my website: [Using finally after catching exceptions](
LeviathanCoding (351)
Orbitron Tower Defense: The fastest and best game on Replit GARUNTEED
Battle over forty enemies with 50+ towers in an alien planet. Orbitron TD is something you will get addicted to in seconds. It seemed like my previo...
seseorang628 (0)
gee_svm google earth engine support vector machine
LeviathanCoding (351)
Orbitron TD III: A Tower defense unlike anything you've seen before
Battle over forty enemies with 50+ towers in an alien planet. Orbitron TD is something you will get addicted to in seconds. It seemed like my previo...
bnon590 (0)
Ryans holyunblocker!
You can unblock tons of stuff like discord, youtube,games!
AndrewRimer (0)
calculate the SPHERE OF RANDOM
MsRaffin (0)
Hello, World!
This program prints "Hello, World!".
tehgingergod (10)
Jysics: Physics go brrrrrrrr
(I've already posted about this but I've changed a lot since then so here we go again) (also credit to @tussiez for [physicsagain](https://physicsagai...
BillCosby3747 (0)
Basic calculator
Basic Calculator its just a calculator for testing with python i dont know why makes you post with 100 character description if its being mark...
sambboy (7)
Python casino
a working casino which took me almost a year of on and off coding to make
MaciahLawson (1)
This satisfies most of ur calculating needs. This took me around an hour to code. It prob the fastest code I have written. Try it out or don't. Loo...
AndrewRimer (0)
check if something is divisible
nirgit (0)
create log msg
creating a log msg with map & sb
matthewproskils (466)
Pog Box
Box opens and closes that's basically it Let's see how long you can look at it
RobertSchmitt (0)
Choose your own adventure game
This is a program and a classmate worked on during my first year of computer programming. Looking back I instantly see the poor formatting as well as...
GuiDuran (0)
Trabalho ICC
Questão 12 do trabalho de ICC
14mossa (0)
gives user's a score and rank based on their answers to imagined situations
Yanoschka (0)
Test info
Handytarifrechner zu einer Aufgabe aus einem Info Test
MikeJMS8910 (116)
Gold Clicker V1
I have decided to follow the trend right now which seems to be making clicker games so here I present **Gold Clicker**. This game is similar to other...
AndrewRimer (0)
comments & outputs
something, something, school assignment thing go BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
NirupaJoshiah (0)
Mad Libs
"One day I was trying to " + freetime + " and I heard a loud BOOM! As soon as I turned around to see what it was, I saw a " + favcolor + "-Fairy,she p...
mcwm (2)
hello I`m a cool gamer and i come from the rich land so bye
AlexiaWolker (0)
For those who are exploring what is .NET framework, it is a free, open-source, and cross-platform for developers to build several types of web applica...
hyd (0)
MKT Pipe Pull Simulator (Proto-Alpha)
Not finished on dynamic probabilities yet, they all stay the same at the moment
cgfgfhhdf (0)
to-do list
post must be at least 50 characters and 5 words long :(
cvakiitho (0)
Reverse Linked list question
Interview question for reversing linked list
Aownkhan (0)
rock paper scissors game
i made a game and am bigginner for more info contect me on whatsapp +923075874100
KopeFun (0)
var2214322345678909876432123467876trfxze123wesdadzzzzqwdetyutrewaa12345d fsaaw a FW ASFQ WF AfwaFWAF FS FWA
LibanAlasow (0)
this is a bot i created for my server, its a fun bot to play with created by me and no one else