MagedaAlfhed (1)
54. Assignment Lab 3.04 - Aliasing and Scope
its about the Aliasing and Scope.
SithiraColambag (0)
Date and Time bot
Hello friends Iam new to coding. This is what I made using python language!!! This is a date and time bot which tells you about date and time hope you...
LBest42 (0)
Chessboard Pseudocode Outline
Various outlines/approaches to creating a chessboard for students to flesh out with their own ideas/pseudocode/code.
byeongjilim (0)
This is a calculator for the price differences of cryptocurrency between Upbit, GoPAX, and Bitstamp.
LBest42 (0)
Color Puzzle Activitiy
Students work on different color-altering tasks on the given image of a Pokemon town.
kevthesneakysne (1)
Notes 4/19/21
Notes for my friends, we are currently learning c++ so yeah.
jurgis (1)
egz 2020 zvejyba su JSON
duomenys1.json: ``` { "žuvys": { "Ungurys": 15, "Veidrodinis_karpis": 5, "Kuoja": 3, "Karosas": 5, "Lydeka": 15 }, "žvejai":...
MicahCracknell (0)
B0XX angle generator
I use this to prompt random angles during SSBM practice with the B0XX, for learning all the space animal recovery angles. Shoutouts to to my roommate...
jurgis (1)
egz 2020 geles CSV
ps.: su CSV nepatogu, kad skaicius automatiškai nuskaito kaip float (nors jie gali būti int) 'duomenys.csv' yra prie failų: ``` "kodas" "pr_mm" "pr_d...
DaastanHunmai (0)
Biolerplate code
Boilerplate code for free code camp to pass the tese
3abodigamer (0)
HI HHHHHH (Post must be at least 50 characters long) W T F H H H H H H ILOVE YOU MAMA GUYSE
swalker2005 (0)
playing with strings
I play with 11 different strings and test them out.
MilanSmith2 (0)
Programming Assignment
Python Program to calculate scores and averages for student's tests.
AbigailLepe1 (0)
Python Program 2 - Variables and Input
users name and their age in 10 years.
MilanSmith2 (0)
Programming Assignment
This is a Python program to collect data and average scores over tests for students.
mastura02 (0)
large snake adventure
do not copy, thank you. this game is just about teenagers who run into a very large snake
Did my own thing just used different names
YabrifaDiepreye (2)
Here's a game of hangman I just wrote using python... #100daysofcode
gamerfox10811 (0)
working roblox lava
dk if this would work propperly i tested it out last friday anyways if it worked then feel free to use it also insert it into a part and desgin it to...
GabrielSchiehl (0)
Atividade Remota Sistemas Operacionais - ATV 2
Atividade de abertura, leitura e gravação de um arquivo em linguagem C.
FrancisPan (8)
Smiling Minion
Click the minion to make him smile! This was one of my original projects!
FernandoGorraez (0)
Programación en Python (Pre-entrega)
Trabajo hecho por: Fernando Jesús Gorráez Ortega A01652309
Bunnytoes (19)
guess the passcode
You can't find it without guessing because of secrets :p also I know I misspelled guess in the name of the repl
Radiation7021 (0)
SPANISH Testueqwfgehjfoehfewnfewigfbweolfgwefklewfbgiewnfewifewfewfewwfhuifewfewfew iewufbewifbewibf wewif kewbfiew biwebf ew
DavidWilliamso1 (0)
We will do the dvd screensaver, then user input, then animation, then idk
RoyDong (0)
The Final Roblox Project
No description
garlic09 (1)
Minecraft Age Generator
Find out how old you are in Minecraft years, plus a fun number picking game! Note - This is the first code I have ever made, so don't expect it to be...
JacobMcPherson1 (195)
FizzBuzz in Rust
It's just FizzBuzz in Rust
JacobMcPherson1 (195)
Fibonacci in Rust
Fibonacci sequence up to 11 in Rust
eliasciur (6)
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