j_wut (1)
Recursive Trie
Recursive Typescript solution for Leetcode #208: https://leetcode.com/problems/implement-trie-prefix-tree/ A trie is a way to check prefixes, and can...
infinitydeltax (1)
Test post, yo
This is a test post that I made because I want to try out repl.it.
TristanLeonard (2)
Frightening Argument Reordering
Reorganizing arguments of the same type within an existing method is a little frightening, but if you're going to break a contract you might as well r...
AmazingMech2418 (1040)
π in TypeScript
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in TypeScript! The issue with NASM has been fixed, but I still...
Addylishus (2)
Quickest DnD Adventure Generator
A generator if you don't know what kind of game to run!
dustinknopoff (1)
TS Pattern Example
Simple example of using [ts-pattern](https://github.com/gvergnaud/ts-pattern) for pattern matching in typescript
wayanjimmy (2)
Linked List in Typescript using Closure
## Linked List in Typescript but use Closure instead of Class Inspired by this post [Computer Science in Javascript: Linked List](https://humanwhocod...
SatishKumar11 (1)
Palindrome checker
This code checks for palindromes ignoring spaces ,case and special char
Satoqz (1)
command.ts base plate
This is the most basic setup you could be using to implement a simple ping command using command.ts & discord.js
yuzo (1)
Exemplo de uso do writeFileSync
praGmatic (0)
local functions
local nested functions in ts
j_wut (1)
LeetCode Parallel Courses
Typescript Recursive solution for Parallel courses
ViechierovArtio (0)
Jest sample
mockResolvedValue returns underfined instead of desired value
JacobMcPherson1 (189)
Fibonacci in Typescript
It's legit just fibonacci in ts #### p.s. if you change the nterms variable, you can get more than only 10 numbers
Questa libreria vuole essere un piccolo esempio pratico di uso del linguaggio TypeScript attraverso l'implementazione di una libreria sugli spazi vett...
datner (0)
DeepPartial error
a demonstration where deep partial type doesn't work for deep arrays
VladCarter (0)
How to build your own Google Duplex or anything you can imagine with Dasha voice AI
Demo app that shows how to create your own Google Duplex and book a table in a restaurant with Dasha voice AI. How To Start the Demo: 1. Click `Run`...
omidhabibi1 (0)
Ketabchi Interview
Interview project for Ketabchi's Company, Written in TypeScript
luismeneses (0)
Super lightweight package to manage your models with schemSuper lightweight package to manage your models with schemeses
luismeneses (0)
Super lightweight package to manage your models with schemes
ViniciusGularte (0)
const user
teste test test blabl blabl blabl test
jwaldrip (0)
React Native Responsive
React Native Responsive is a library that helps construct themes and responsive styles for react native.
mhoeher (0)
Assign properties to objects by string
This example shows how to assign values to complex properties of an object when accessing these properties by their name.
manasouzavieira (0)
Code interview for typescript to be tested
amit_maraj (0)
Logic Comparison
This is a repl for testing purposes. This repl aims to provide a recursive way of checking permissions.
yonycalsin (0)
String Camelcase with Recursive
```ts import {g} from "." let i: { (...args: string[]): string }; i = g("user") const user = i(); const userSession = i("session") const userSession...
jasonzhouu (0)
spread operator of class
给 class 定义 spread operator 的行为
ThomasSaunders3 (0)
multiple nep5 query in one script
multiple nep5 query in one script
jhnieman (0)
Count the number of ones in the two's complement binary representation of an integer in typescript.
jhnieman (0)
typescript check for if an integer is a power of two.