GabrielaReis (0)
Calculadora operações aritméticas, fatorial e média aritmética
mjcuva (0)
This is a demo of using the ReadMe API to find and replace a string in docs.
3ln1khloo1 (0)
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MicahBushman (0)
Biology lab coin flipper
Designed to flip the 300 coins required for a lab our teacher assigned us.
doming000secret (0)
E um bot de Música apenas MúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsicaMúsi...
BenAhlander (0)
Array Challenges
Interview Challenges to test understanding of array's.
AiswaryaSarangi (0)
Are you a marvel fan. If yes let's see how much you score through this quiz
youthful (0)
weather-js test
this is my test with weather-js to make a fro cast function
wanmuz (0)
fcc lesson 1 answer.. Nodejs exercise
uzurpator (0)
another description at least 50 chars. another description at least 50 chars. another description at least 50 chars. another description at least 50 c...
syrusdaglix (0)
YUH ADD so gone#8300 for question
syrusdaglix (0)
Blade Anti Wizz
remade by sy source made by 7teen
IamMoni (0)
Haikyuu Quiz
Just a quiz on Haikyuu Anime
WebMobTechiOS (0)
Learn Pattern Practise using Array mapping method
Learn Pattern Practise using Array mapping method:
ShubhamKhunt (0)
Do You Know Me
It is a Simple Javascript CLI Quiz App
PixelNinja (311)
BCrypt Basics
Do you run a service that stores passwords? Ideally, passwords should be managed by a trustworthy third party (like sign-in with google). If you MUST...
vincanger (2)
Paul Graham Essay ePub Generator
# Scrapes ## and compiles his ~30 most recent essays into an ePub file for you to download. ![cover](
CrtRomain (0)
Cosmos bot Template
this is a discord bot with over 50 commands, easy to setup and open source
blogspot (11)
Baypass Cors Allow Origins
# origin Baypass Cors Origin With NodeJs ![cover Baypass Cors Allow Origins](
Tourey1 (0)
Get Data from POST Requests
Get Data from POST Requests. Check json response.
vincanger (2)
Paul Graham ePub maker -- 35 most recent essays
This is an ePub maker that scrapes for his 35 most recent essays. You can then download the file for uploading to your eReader.
wispkoe (1)
A no-login "bulletin board". Make posts and view posts by others. Submitted to Replit Ventures.
CharlesFerreira (0)
random stat generator
generates random stats for humans.
OGJYNX14 (0)
How well do you know the World?????
Do you think you know Africa more than anybody???? Well then this repl is just for you. Get your last two brain cells and try this quiz about Africa....
ujjwaljain2 (0)
CLI-app using node.js from neog camp lecture
ch1ck3n (1628)
my first dogescript program
whazzup poggers as we all know, [dogescript]( is the best language to ever exist! but, sadly, ~~replit has been too dumb to no...
sarahstandish (0)
Free Code Camp npm
Free Code Camp npm challenge
Battleship game for my APCSP project
TheRealSanic (0)
Free Chat Website For All Scratchers!