Kookiez (386)
🎄 🎁 Save Christmas! 🎁 🎄
# Save Christmas! Ah, yes, Christmas, Kookiemas, Whipmass (they celebrate by doing the whip the whole day, if you're confused, then look at @Whipping...
Lol Free Gift Cards
Xenyon (10)
A Text Based Adventure game! - Fisher!
Just a project that went from small and continued adding, it was just really for our friend --> daniel to teach how to code. Give it a try :) first ti...
JordanDixon1 (175)
Time module in Lua!
I have recently been trying to learn Lua and I have figured out this neat little trick to import the time module from python. First you put the time...
WilliamPronko (12)
Roblox Lua Obfuscator
My source code for this was leaked around a year ago and I just wanted to re leak it since many people forgot about it and I just want to contribute t...
Dart (1186)
A lua calculator!
Just a simple calculator I did in lua to help me learn the language Expect more lua stuff from me soon <3
Altarias (42)
Slowprinting in LUA
# Hello It's me again! Today I present to you "Slowprinting in LUA". You probably know slowprinting from Computercraft (textutils.slowprint) but now I...
headiscoding (945)
Uno game I made in Lua!
# UNO game I made in **Lua**! Hey all, here is a UNO game that I made with Lua. If you enjoyed it, please a comment of how good it was on a scale of *...
HxKprogram (23)
HK-DOS Operating System (Lua 5.1.5)
Hello everyone, Today i want to introduce you to a project i have been workng on for 14 days now lol This is my first ever lua operating system i mad...
ThanesRavi (6)
WIFI Hacking Game (Lock break)
This is a text based wifi hacking game. You need to hack Wifi(s) by commands. Hack all the 4 Wifi to win the game. Credit: Random string generator fr...
W4LRUS (35)
RPS in lua
rock paper scissors game coded using lua.
Calgo57 (2)
just a go
please tell me how it work and give me any feedback thanks
Beads (2)
Muffin Catastrophe!
Really, I just changed what was being printed and the story..and stuff. All of it is mostly by @Kookiez! Thanks! Questions: Does this look like a bird...
Altarias (42)
Switch Cases in Lua
# Switch Cases for everyone! Yes, I have done something many other people on the internet have done. I added the **switch case thingies** to the Lua P...
Clubpenguinded (6)
Coming Soon
Making a battle simulator, coming soon! Just started making it today, so hopefully it will be done soon.
RyanKu (4)
God Simulator
This just adds 1 to a variable and prints. Pretty cool though.
ElijaHorn (1)
Chat Bot 1.0
What the title says. Might try to upgrade it in the future.
ThanesRavi (6)
3D wave
Satisfying 3D wave. Lua (Run the project and wait for it. some times its buggy)
joshguerra418 (1)
Lua Bytecode Deobfuscator
yes, this is a lua bytecote deobfuscator fuck all of you idiots for using bytecodes to obfuscate your scripts, and i love all of the skids trying to m...
DungeonMaster00 (184)
Funny Repl Untitled Name Generator
##### You know how repl.it generates a repl name if you don't enter one? # Well I created this neat piece of junk that will generate a funny repl nam...
W4LRUS (35)
Information | General
information that I recommend you guys read.
W4LRUS (35)
description of a bitwise operator.
W4LRUS (35)
set operations are useful in lua coding.
W4LRUS (35)
a simple implemention of ordered table.
W4LRUS (35)
demonstration of iteration over tables
W4LRUS (35)
a technique for making a table read-only via metamethods in Lua 5.0/5.1
W4LRUS (35)
Tuples containing NaN are only equal to themselves (the exact same instance). Save it as 'tuple.lua'.
W4LRUS (35)
simple lua tuples explained for better understanding.
W4LRUS (35)
Binary Insert
This function inserts a value into a sorted table via a binary search algorithm. It is faster than doing a regular table.insert(table, value) followed...
W4LRUS (35)
Roblox Lava Brick Script
this doesn't kill instantly, it does a certain amount of damage (20).