matthewproskils (466)
Pog Box
Box opens and closes that's basically it Let's see how long you can look at it
Coder100 (17125)
Mind Reader
# Mind Reader Did you know that C++ is such a big language that it has BUILT-IN support for reading minds? Such pogger (or not) ## About Don't you lo...
matthewproskils (466)
I tried this in python once by doing it by hand, but it was WAYY to hard so I just did this instead. Anyway, here you go, some satisfying rain. Edit...
Bunnytoes (29)
I posted this about a month or 2 ago and I am reposting so people might see it
Convert celsius, fahrenheit,kelvin any way!
FlaminHotValdez (442)
An actual good calculator
There are like a BAJILLION posts on replit that are "calculators" that go like this: Please input which operation you would like: Plus, minus, add, o...
DynamicSquid (4631)
4 languages that can kill themselves
4 files, each with a different language. Each file will call the next file, and then commit die. Like this: ``` **main.cpp** run kill itself...
ELITECoderAlexL (4)
Inspirational Quote Giver in C++
# Inspirational Quote Giver ## Hello! Here is a little program I made in C++ that gives you a quote using my Pseudo Random Number Generator! **NOTE:...
CarlosTellez2 (1)
Algortimo DFS
Algoritmo DFS en C++ para el recorrido de los nodos
elucent (51)
![basil_large]( # The Basil Programming Language Hel...
DylanDunbar (2)
my first program:) 1=Yes,2=No
zorro29 (17)
Interpreter for my own programming language
An interpreter for a fully functional language called Ckript. Also check out the web version here: Basic documentation c...
finlay44111 (77)
C++ Mandelbrot
This program creates a Mandelbrot and prints it into the console, you will need to expand the console to see it well.
MananGandhi2 (11)
This is my passion project.
DynamicSquid (4631)
Terrain Generation
**YES** **Yes @HahaYes Yes Haha YES** I-I don't know why I did that... --- Anyway, here's some terrain generation for you guys! Green is land, blue...
RohilPatel (1535)
# Console Football Version 1.0 ## What does this update feature? + Offensive plays, 4 downs, scoring, etc + Features a "beautiful" console, ikr ##...
theangryepicbanana (1688)
The L Programming Language
# The L Programming Language This is a programming language that I made as my final project for my CS class this past year (for those of you who are c...
Theboys619 (63)
JSON in C++
Hello. So I made a header library for parsing JSON. Im not too experienced with C++ so it's probably not the best. I only started C++ about a month an...
RohilPatel (1535)
Rock Paper Scissors in C++! [Game]
Hey there people, this is my first ever game posted to repl talk in a console. I usually try to avoid this, but since I am a slow learner, I need to...
Glare (236)
Text Based Tic-Tac-Toe
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last posted. I just wanted to share this text-based Tic-Tac-Toe game that I made. It checks for ties, can be...
Coder100 (17125)
Mandelbrot in C++ (no flickering!)
![image]( # Mandelbrot in C++ [Be sure to check out m...
LizFoster (648)
Yay! With the help of my friend @AmazingMech2418, I have learned the basics of C++! Obviously the first thing I made was a π approximation program! I...
JWZ6 (256)
My First Ever C++ / C Program!!!
WOWOWOWOW! THIS IS FUN!!! I LIKE C++ and C, though C++ is better for me :) LOL
Arabica (9)
Snake in C++.
This snake using C & C++ and only using the standard library!
ryanbrwr (33)
Day 1 of learning C++
Just wrote my first hello world in C++! Going to try to make a post every day about how my learning is going. Feels a bit strange coming from NodeJS a...
chrisaycock (22)
[Empirical]( is a language for time-series analysis. It has builtin Dataframes (tables) and integrated queries. It's fu...
TrashBlash (36)
Dungeon Challenge
Fight your way through multiple bosses. Includes a stat page, multiple classes, secret characters, and interesting challenges to overcome! I update as...
CSharpIsGud (931)
HTTP Server Library in C++
This is a small single-file header-only HTTP library for C++! ***REMEMBER THIS WONT WORK FOR HTTPS*** Simply copy **htpp.hpp** to your project and i...
adhvaiththurvas (29)
Simulator of Spread of COVID-19
Hi guys, This is my first post. I was looking at the news (with coronovirus spreading and mass panic ensuing) and decided to make a little simulator o...
kevthesneakysne (1)
Notes 4/19/21
Notes for my friends, we are currently learning c++ so yeah.
SelenaYang1 (12)
Leprechaun Hunt 🍀 [Text Adventure Game]
## Intro Leprechaun Hunt is a text adventure or interactive fiction game where you explore rooms and collect tools/other stuff to ultimately find the...