emilycedwards (1)
Variables and Input
this interprets and uses user input to display the user's name and age in 10 years
KDogLunsford (0)
It's my first hangman project.
LukaszCegielski (0)
Love Running
Site was made as a part of two-part challenge conculding the CSS module in Full Stack Software Developer course at Code Institute.
LatiffParkinson (0)
Tassomai challenge
Tasks for the tassomai js challenge
obumnneme (0)
rock paper scissors game
a simple rock paper scissors game
JamesHudson2 (0)
James Hudson - Selection
Lesson 6 Selection Task. There are some errors in code that I am confused on correcting.
caydxn (0)
among us drawing
a little code of drawing among us
LadyEveAmarE (0)
Ghost Game
Just one of my old pieces of code
JavaidIqbal1 (0)
why i am face error in my code.
Why i am facing error in in code in repl.it?Please answer me.
Aishaalmheiri1 (0)
Centimeters to Meters
This program converts Centimeters to Meters.
AyushiDwivedi (0)
Lex Bonanza browser
This browser works to search for any image of your choice.
CT2224 (142)
Simple Calculator
This is just a simple calculator. Add the operations and the numbers. All feedback is appreciated. Upvote if you like it!
SenseiOfficial (0)
String session generator
String session generator for telegram using telethon threading libraray
Pratyush1611 (0)
sets and dictionary
intersection, union of two sets and finding keys and vales of dictionary
ChristopherCT (0)
Around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...
YuriGomes2 (0)
APS 2° semestre - Future Devs
Algoritmo de criptografia em python.
Duoquote (0)
Odd Behaviour
Odd behaviour when copying objects of one dictionary to another.
AaronX737 (0)
play tic tac toe instructions are in da game made by me lots of code
DharmikAjish (0)
Dharmiks Schedule
I made this so I don't have to go to the classroom for every class.
KetkiPandey (1)
Talk with buddy and take maths quiz ^_^
![don](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1605638006990_7bec84f5db93bc981eb025c0e3662533.png) This is a good client for working and posting...
EthanAbbott1 (1)
We Will Kill You Today!
Timberliners This is our New Website! Come Check It Out!
TienDuong2 (2)
Variables and Inputs
The program ask for your name and age. It takes the age as an integer, in order to add the value 10 to it, but then returns it as a string. Name is se...
CyberHacker101 (111)
This is my first Animation...
Yeah, yeah it isn't the best but eh... I'm lazy. Tell me any suggestions in the comments. Have G'day!
nandish2009 (1)
Math YAY
math yay it is sooo much fun!
Tallulahjackson (0)
basic little code thing
this probably does'nt even work ahahah im gonna fail gcse ICT
LeahFreeman (0)
hi i am like repl.it and i like all of the different
roo2636 (0)
people yo want to ask questions to the computer ad be blow away
ColePete (30)
[GAME] Monster Fighting Game V.1.2
In this game, you will go against different monsters and defeat them to save your village. Can you figure out how to do it and survive? Please read...
JonahGress (2)
English to Bri'ish translator
(I have nothing against British people, this is a joke based on the "I'm Briish cuz da schewpid Americans" meme) Translates plain English to Bri'ish.