kbadrinath_tcsp (222)
function-based calculator
rather than my previous java calculator, this is a function based one, utilizing functions to carry out operations.
octopyBot (266)
crappy indentation
I dare you... fix the indentation and comment!!
python lesson 6
this is python lesson 6. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
python lesson 4
this is python lesson 4. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
python lesson 3
this is python lesson 3. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
python lesson 2
this is python lesson 2. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
python lesson 1
this is python lesson 1. you can learn python from this.hope you like this!!!!
Ishaan25 (1)
The drawing pad
spam b and s to make cool drawing or press your forward key to go forward and your left and right key to turn thank you.:)
acvodad (2)
Pokemon AI Battle - WIP
My student and I are working on a battle arena, and we are having some difficulties with our attack button and reducing the CPU's health in our battle...
CarterStutzman1 (21)
Floria (Dungeon Crawler)
An alright game I made about 2 years ago. Pick your race and class and begin. (Note: Neko and Stanlee are debugging characters) PS: This game was made...
samueloc (3)
So, I made this game for my friends, and when I heard about game jam, I thought why not? Anyways, just play it to the end and remember I don't know mu...
InvisibleOne (2675)
Here is my ultimate helper bot, he can talk with you, insult you, give you games to play, flip coins and even spam your little brothers email for you...
VeronicaChiuLin (2)
god I hate how we gotta write a stupid description of our code or whatever this is just for school gosh darn it
STEVMI007 (2)
I animated world's only non-quadrilateral national flag,the national flag of my country Nepal.
CodeSalvageON (606)
Funny Gamertag Generator
Generates a random gamertag. Mine is CrispyComputer6955
itsines (1)
first game
i tried my best thank you very much.
CollinKunsman (108)
Funny Conversation
A funny conversation between an intellegent person and a strange, wierd moron who gets everything wrong. So, if you like this project, please leave a...
CodingCactus (4195)
#WEEKLY Some number
Some number I know nothing about has a graph associated with it. The repl attached draws that graph.
Dart (1186)
just a test
i want to learn elixr too so i printed a bunch of text
BrainDeadCode_B (22)
-Hectic Helicopters!- An arcade shooter I made in a week.
This Python program is a arcade shooter that heavily takes inspiration from many of the popular arcade games in the 80's - 90's. Heres the link https:...
tastypineapples (3)
Text Adventure
This is a short text adventure that I made and decided to upload to this.
sarthaksinha (1)
Marauders Map
an represantetion of the marauders map in python
HarikrishnaPat1 (1)
Information Security
It is for a cert that needs to be cool you know what I mean.
Chocolate16 (36)
Illusion to trick your eyes!
This illusion REALY works! Look at the red dot about 30 sec and then you will see what happens. Lines will disappear.
bonnym512 (105)
ASCII Art Ghost
This is a ASCII Ghost or a ghost made up of symbols and letters on the keyboard. This was made during Halloween time but I never got a chance to post...
bonnym512 (105)
This is a calculator that lets you add, subtract, multiply, or divide. Have Fun!!!
bonnym512 (105)
60 Second Timer
This is a 60 second timer. There is no noise but it will countdown for you. Enjoy!!!
ShimranAkter (4)
Quize Game
My First Project https://repl.it/ibuiltthis/games/
DiegoMendes2 (3)
Lista de palavras
Receber uma lista de palavras, depois sortear uma e exibir
Random Art Generator
Random art generator. Randomly makes rgb colors, start positions, length of lines and angles of each turn. Any suggestions on how to make this more ra...