9751 (27)
A Program That Knows You!
I made a program that asks you all sorts of questions! Just answer them, and it will know who you are! **_P.S. If you enter fake info, it will still w...
Here is functions you can use for coloring text in console output.
You can fork this repl if you like. Please give this repl a upvote if you like it!
A pet simulator!
This is the first time I post a repl in a while, but for some reason I decided to make a pet simulator for no reason. And this was harder to make beca...
RaduG (1)
A snake game i guess
So i made (at 8 PM) this very stupid snake game in Python, using the Turtle module.
Alonhoresh (1)
p5.js JavaScript Library - p5.js Template
This is a very basic p5.js template.
Lord_Poseidon (168)
#WEEKLY and a mini-rant
Can I have ONE challenge that takes more than twenty minutes and ten lines of code? I'm not even trying to shorten my solution at this point. Haskell...
nikolausAI (0)
First Website
This is my first website about the fictional New York consulting firm Kornbaum.
CoolJames1610 (713)
Personality Quiz!
# Personality Quiz Do **YOU** want to know **YOUR** personality??? WELL LOOOOOK NO FURTHER ###### bruh what HERE, THIS PROGRAM WILL ASK YOU **30*...
CodingCactus (4164)
Custom Colour Theme For Repl.it IDE
Hello, so this morning I made a theme for the ide (the syntax highlighting) which i am quite proud of :) Firstly you need to download the Amino plugi...
MikeColeman (1)
First use of modules!
Nothing much, new to Python and using modules for the first time.
CoolJames1610 (713)
# Hangman Self-explanatory lol Please comment your highscores! <3 Please comment bugs or anything :D Thanks :P @CoolJames1610 (reposted)
IronHammerPVP (18)
Hello i dont know how u put the like enter an answer thing so put your answer in the comments
mhavlicek (0)
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hakimm7 (3)
pokemon game
pokemon game pokemon game pokemon game
CoolJames1610 (713)
Music Game Quiz
# Music Game Quiz Do you know your music?? Have a try with Music Game Quiz! Pls upvote :P
DollarSign (24)
X+ Programming Language
console.help() **cough** **cough** use or baN
DigitCommander (35)
Clicker Game...
Failed to code it so I will try to debug it...
DigitCommander (35)
One of the Examples in C++
It's one of the examples in C++ ...
DigitCommander (35)
Alert II
Next project will be HTML, JS, CSS related.
this is my first game try it and support me too
i am very new to python and repl.it . Recently I have made a game with python if you like it please comment in comment section . I don't know much abo...
AaronFosterWall (1)
telegram example
telegram bot example of qa bot that uses telegram
IsraelAlexandre (0)
Minha parte aps
minha parte da atividade aps de programação
Jalpy (0)
Rock Paper Scissors Check
Trying to help someone out with a check for his game
ProCoder123 (7)
This project can tell the multiple till any number for any number!
AdnanPresswala (0)
I made this quiz
water = input('you feeling good dude y/n') if water == 'y': print(' well I hope your day continues to fill with joy.') else: print('well I hope y...
This project can tell you the multiples of any number to any number.
SympleScience (0)
This is a test to see if I can embed this particular environment into a one note page.
Just making a surprise for fathers day!
Jspiderhand (1)
Beyond Reazen Demo
Beyond Reazen was a punkish metal band I was involved with roughly 15 years ago and this a web page I made for the demo we released in 2006. Any feed...
NathanChen8 (0)
Rock Paper Scissors Game
Welcome to my Rock Paper Scissors Game! Two real players will go against each other for three rounds. Points will also be added when a player wins a r...