CatR3kd (479)
AI ChatBot - CASAAI!
# Hey Guys! I am **soooo** exited to share this with y'all! Basically, what I made is a ChatBot with a constantly growing file of knowledge and person...
CoolCoderSJ (502)
Reflux Marketplace
Helo once again, [Reflux]( is a great tool for having custom themes in the replit ide...
AmazingMech2418 (1043)
BashType - Automatic Bash Terminal
# BashType Welcome to BashType, a Bash terminal that automatically types and runs commands! Just edit cmds.txt to customize your own runtime! Inspir...
mkhoi (318)
The Last Stand #BJGJBoo
The last stand in the heart of your lab against a demonic invasion. Demons will crawl through vents to reach you. They can drop bloodkits or ammo. You...
MaxWar (23)
Grapple Physics
Interactive grapple simulation using matter.js and p5.js
Muffinlavania (1513)
Welcome to: 2048 in Python!
> But its janky Hi! You read the title im guessing, its the game 2048. This is a game where you use the arrow keys (Or WASD) to move around pieces in...
BobTheTomatoPie (3356)
Animation Design (Make Awesome Animations!)
# I'm back! (due to emmet support)! I had left the repl community, but I went on to find that there was emmet support! So now I'm back! # This is ani...
hunterblake30 (4)
Blake Ranch Cattle Company
This is my cattle operation site. Have fun browsing!
adl212 (166)
Hash Your Strings!
Here I've made a site that has an api to hash your strings/passwords so that you can secure it. You can use the site [here](https://encrypt.adl212.rep...
That_one_guy (145)
Jumping Game
Code: Website:
TheC0derGirl (216)
✨ Inspirational Coding Quotes ✨
# Coding Quotes! > read whenever you have coders block or something # Hello everyone! Today i'm randomly happy so i thought i'd share some inspirat...
LoneAce (225)
Instant Painter
*** # Hello there This is a small _instant painter_ that I coded when I had extra time. Use the number keys to add a pixel of your chosen colour, del...
lonal (5)
simple quiz
a simple quiz made out of python
badst (655)
Kahoot Spammer!
Spam Kahoot Games with bots. Note: Not my fault you get in trouble or something using this tool. # Features: AutoPlay: The bot/bots will automaticall...
AmazingMech2418 (1043)
π in Objective-C
Here is a new addition to my series of pi approximations! This one is in Objective-C! Here are the other approximations so far: Pascal - https://repl...
JulianTong (48)
Running Chicken
Just a chicken running... Thought this would be something funny to make, a small animation in java. I hope y'all like it.
MeeraAl (6)
How to draw Olympics logo using python
plz be honest and rate it :D
RohilPatel (1534)
Indefinite Clicker Pro
This is a clicker I made. Login, and stuff and yeah it's cool. Hope y'all like it
CSharpIsGud (924)
Facilis - A Low Level Functional Language
Facilis is a strongly typed functional language that aims to be low level. Facilis uses a hand-written recursive descent parser made with love. # Fac...
HerculukeZeEpic (189)
Something to waste your time and make you question existence
The title is all you need, but pls upvote because that would be awesome
JWZ6 (184)
Fun Game (Don't Click The Emoji 🙂)
This is a very ```fun``` game. It's also pretty silly! :) How 2 play: Just click play, then click the ```emoji``` lol XD Have fun!
LizFoster (648)
Mandelbrot Set, Enhanced.
Hello all! I have been working on fixing up my old Mandelbrot Set code over the past few days. I will not list everything I changed (and that is defin...
Coder100 (16955)
# Weekly 18 Subsets!! You can now find all the possible subsets inside a given word (or number!). ## About I really liked the JSDOC feature (and tha...
WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
MINECRAFT! IN A WEB BROWSER! AWESOME!!! It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in! Just try to...
PYTHORE3605 (107)
Basic css animation
Okay so I have seen other people doing this and I thought to myself " *Hey, that would be cool to learn* " so i used w3school to teach myself and this...
NihalAnand (32)
Enigma Machine ^_^
Yeah, I made a commercial-grade Enigma machine, as used by the Germans during WWII.
BobTheTomatoPie (3356)
Pitlife 2
This game is based on Bitlife, it may be a console type version, but at this point, it is hardly the same game. I've added many features that will ne...
OliverMKing (1)
Ip Router GUI
An 32-bit Ip Router where you can edit the Routing Table and also see where an IP would be routed to.
VulcanWM (2326)
VulcanFire Language Generator
Me, @VulcanWM , and @SpaceFire are proud to present VulcanFire Language Generator. Here you can make your own language, in 4 very simple steps. *** 1)...
[deleted] User Search
Inspired by @Zexogon 's absolutely wonderful repltalk leaderboard program, I also decided to try out @mat1 's repltalk package and make something of m...