p3artschool (21)
click files, then click runner.gif to view the animation adjust screen size smaller to get correct display ratio #------------------------------------...
DiegoCastillo7 (1)
Guess the Phrase but different [If you cheat I come for your knee caps!]
It is quite literally my guess the phrase game with a different phrase
SoloBoy999 (17)
MultiMath 1.7
You can check out 1.7 right now! I will not tell you what is added but you will see at end!
LukasJarschel (1)
How To Make Bells In Animal Crossing
This explains a method to get LOTS of bells.
Name12 (159)
standard score calculator
hello Everybody!! I am back with yet another math tool: a Standard score calculator. it calculates the standard score of a given set of data. use it w...
JayBFC (28)
J-DOS | Text based OS
J-DOS is a text based operating system made with python. I decided to create this to show that it is possible to make something that performs like a r...
JonahElias (157)
Fakapedia, The Free Encyclopedia
# Wikipedia, but fake This project was based on @JBYT27's 'replol'. On this 'site' you log in, then you can read articles, write articles, and do m...
aavarab (2)
Tims diner code
Tims diner code for GCSE EDEXEL NEA
OwenBradstreet (124)
Hangman - with a twist!
There are two modes in this hangman! Either you play as the guesser (1), guessing the word the computer has chosen. Or you can let the AI play as the...
darkfedora (1)
Chaos Game
Made this over 2 days, if you have any suggestions for features let me know!
InvisibleOne (2681)
SpeedTyper 💻 Typing Challenge
Well, after learning that addEventListener existed, I got bored and made this. The code is trash (the correct term is actually janky) , and the css is...
PYer (3946)
Answers - POTW #4
Comment your answers here! Problem: [Pyramids](https://repl.it/talk/share/Replit-Problem-Of-The-Week-4-POTW-Pyramids/9609).
MeharSinghSingh (3)
brower (school cant track)
what is says(look at the console)
Raphael01234 (1)
Voici notre travail. Gilli Raphaël 1°7 Guilbaud Darrel 1°7
AJDevelopment (137)
SVG Test
Just testing some SVG's. You know like, normal people. Everyone does that. Like, HTML coders. I am not being suspicious.
securethebags (28)
Card Matching Game! Fully animated
This is a card matching game I made using this video from web dev simplified as a reference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28VfzEiJgy4) and this one...
VulcanWM (2342)
The Present
This is an animation relating to the actual 'The Present'. Thanks to @techgeek680 for helping a little.
JellyFishDev (1)
Basic Hangman demo, made using python and using a list of words from https://gist.github.com/deekayen/4148741
NaZmuZSaKiB (2)
get the big even number
this program take input a list from you of int numbers and returns the highest even number .... please support and do suggest if any thing I can do to...
Daniel3210 (19)
Button Game
# Hello! **_Hello Fellow coders, I'm Daniel3210. Welcome to my project. (It's my first game ever)Hope you like it. If you want to say anything about i...
Rayan81 (74)
![download](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1611859480643_02dc0184af4c92ffafe2e5d0ba9e223c.png) HAngman do not fall down
fostercourtney (1)
royal game of ur for computer science capstone COM-497
Nikayel (1)
Average of main
This is the correct version of Average program
Aloeb83 (53)
# Meet Challenger ### The Discord Challenge Bot for the Discord Bot Challenge Challenger is currently a very simple bot with just one real command: v...
HarveyH (205)
# **Not Exactly on Repl.it... ** **Since repl.it is a bit weird with Python Turtle, I'll just give you the code to copy and paste in to another progra...
HasanSulaiman (2)
HTML , CSS اول اعمالي باستخدام لغة
هذه اول محاول لتصميم صفحة على الانترنت واستخدام ماتعلمته من الكورس التعليمي
FlaminHotValdez (442)
Calculator V2!
This is Calculator V2, based off of my previous program Calculator. It's revised and it allows Xes and carats for multiplication and exponent. Also, u...
FlaminHotValdez (442)
It's a calculator. It's not done very well, it's not very smooth, it forces you to use asterisks and slashes, but it works. Upvote if you like it, als...
GamerLegend10 (1)
Simple IfGame. You can play this IfGame, and make one yourself!