UniqueOstrich18 (321)
Text Based Number Guessing Game
This is a text based number guessing game made in python 2.7.
UniqueOstrich18 (321)
Firefox web browser on repl.it
Got Firefox on repl.it when I was bored in class. It uses a python script to delete a useless log file. It will take a while to install Firefox and Py...
Jelly05 (1)
Tic tac toe game
This is a game of tic tac toe with Some instructions.
swedit (1)
Random Name & Surname Generator
Name & Surname generator with 1000000 combinations.
Ali4Abdelhady (0)
here is a simple calculator Sololearn app is awesome!!
DrewSkotarczak (23)
Deal or No Deal
Learning python and wanted to use the basic tools I've learned so far. Made deal or no deal visually. don't mind the messy code
oblivioussnake (0)
Statistics Model Calculator
This is a little program I made to practice some java, it uses the binomial model and the geometric model. When using the binomial model, you cannot h...
DeBeast591 (135)
A programming langauge I have been working on.
I have made a programming language called hunt (no caps) that is simple but cool (I hope...). I have wanted to do this but have been unable to for man...
akash51 (0)
for loop like a boss
this code is the sum of n(mean 1,2,3,4,....so on)natural number... like.. n is 4 mean.. 1+2+3+4=10 10 is the answer... thanks for watch this code
defaulttaquito (2)
School Schedule
Template For School Schedule: Fill in Times, Days, Class Names, Student Names, etc
swedit (1)
My first post
I am new to this whole coding stuff. Why did I want to code? Well, I got interested. So this is just a 1 line random password generator, nothing much...
Zavexeon (1188)
Well, here it is, my trash website. The current version has no blog up yet, I was really busy on getting the styles down. Scalability was a pain. I...
NicholasHuaman (3)
Bullet Hell - Guided missiles
Hi! I could do with some help with making the bullet have a trajectory, following the path of an ellipse as it hits the player... rather than the two...
AmyBrown1 (7)
A Rainbow Flower
💖😜💕✨😃👍😁😊🎶😎😉🎉✔👌😍😘😆🎁🤣😋🤩🤗😄👩💁‍♀️🚶‍♀️👈🎂👸👍👋👏🎆🎈🎇🎀💎🍕🍪🍩🍦🍰🍫🍬🍭🌌🌤🌝🌞⭐🌟🌈🌠☄🌀❄🌊💧🔥❤💗💓💞💥💦💫❗💯It's a really p...
Alina86 (0)
Day 1 - Challenge 2
I create and format the text from Day 1. I´m not sure about the title, if it´s correct
Ibrahimben (0)
TS custom jsxFactory unchecked type of children
This gist is a minimal version of a react-like library I am working on to demonstrate a single issue of Typescript compiler with regard to children ty...
soundof (0)
Basic task of javaScript
This is my **first** javaScript program on this website ![IMG_0569](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1579768891617_689bab4e591920a602ae25...
CoderAditya (0)
String Indexes
why the last command line's output doesn't show "c" in the output
Nemoiscool (47)
It might not have much practical value, but...
2 years ago, I built one of my first python 3 programs: a gibberish generator. It was a done a bit sloppy, using global variables and what not. Toda...
AdCharity (1317)
Hackathon Submission About:Me (or You whatever)
I'm usually pretty verbose about new projects, but whatever. Here is my submission for the hackathon, made in uhhh ~5 days? I don't remember. ### Edi...
KobeFF (1260)
How can you make this chat bot better?
this was not a group project. I got bored at school so I created this. I'm not very experienced, but I'm willing to get help and take some suggestions...
bgrubert (191)
Bouncing Ball
Just a code I thought I'd share because it's cool! Tell me if you have any suggestions such as making the bouncing algorithm more realistic!
InfInItel (1)
UPDATED Mining Simulator!
It's a mine yes There is a shop, sell, different mine modes, combine items and more coming soooooon
MandarNayak (4)
Schedule Organizer
Having trouble keeping track of things? Use Schedule Organizer original!
UniqueOstrich18 (321)
Surf Browser on repl.it
Runs the Surf Browser. The browser itself is not made by me. It's website is https://surf.suckless.org/. ![Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 5.17.40 PM](https...
brunagon (0)
Econtro com JS 22/01/2020
O objetivo desse exercicio era adicionar o javascript para tornar esse app de lista de tarefas interativo. Quando o usuario adicionasse um nove texto...
Ov3R10rd (132)
Race to Neptune!
This is a fun space game where you need to make it to Neptune to make as much money as possible. Downgrade your ship to make more money, but doing so...
vicentenoriega (0)
throw the dice i love java throw the dice
Hello world...i love to program in Java!! throw the dice
JordanDixon1 (175)
For: About Me Challenge
Here is a website I made with python with flask. This is for the challenge for the hackathon, to be honest I just want the repl.it shirt! X3 I don't e...
MandarNayak (4)
Number Generator 1
This is the number generator. Generate numbers with this thing. Have fun