Code1Tech (108)
V# (My own shell)
V# by @Code1Tech ------------ This shell code uses similar syntaxes from Python. And it was made using python. More being added soon! Stay hyped. ----...
PilotDevKarwa (12)
Is this string a palindrome?
Use this code to see if anything is a palindrome or not! **USE THIS CODE FOR ANYTHING, EVEN NUMBERS!**
Anvaysharma (48)
This is my first code and I am new to python. I just started with python turtle to get a feel of coding. This is my first code on repel...
NimaSherpa3 (23)
Winter Website Template
Hello, this is a website template I made on the winter theme for you guys to use for youself, this template includes a functioning navigation bar, a t...
MiaShapoval1 (1)
Trivia Game
A 10 question trivia game to test your knowledge...
Band name generator
Its generate the band name
Chocolate16 (36)
Turtle donut!
This turtle program will draw a donut))
Sreshthangsu (6)
Calculator by a 9 year old
Hey pls comment the things I shall add to help me out in my python journey yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhugooooooooo
ThePeeps191 (1)
HTML And JS Copy Text
# HTML And JS Copy Text This program copies your text using JavaScript
PowerCoder (734)
PixPaint - the Pixel Drawing Program
Use a wide variety of painting tools with speed and auto-saving to create the creation of your dreams. With clean and modern UI. #### Features 📝: *...
CodeSalvageON (606)
SciFi Comz
Attention Kmart Shoppers! Scifi Comz is my newest project for the 2020 Piemadd Jam, and it is a communications website that allows users to create sci...
puremintwater (6)
the future
wow it isnt going to be good out there right
PYer (3880)
Horrible but simple adventure game.
Read the title.
Soccer135246 (7)
Shapes Calculator
This program finds the area/volume of a shape! Just type in the number corresponding to the shape and enter some values! I have tested each of them ou...
xyDARKKK (1)
First Python game
This is my first project if there is something i should improve let me know if not enjoy more info can be found in READ ME.txt
GaneshaSharma (49)
My very own Linux Shell
# BSH If you don't know what a Linux Shell is, think of it as your `cmd.exe`. In other words, it is really just a programming language, like Python....
hello! first project...
hi! i'm relatively new to Java and created this project to test what i'd newly learnt. two questions: i'd like to make projects like this interactive...
daniel_school (2)
Rust library for playing audio files/tones
I created a Rust library for playing audio in your, based on the audio [docs]( The Github [repo](https://git...
MaryHoette (1)
3.1.3 Combo menu
hi. :) In order to post this it has to be fifty characters long.
Chrisonmagic (5)
A game that is fun to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been released
I think everyone will like the game because it is fun! P.S. Give me feedback pls
DavidEdla (1)
first try
first python try to create my profile.
GokulDas1 (2)
Aarav Gokuldas
This website is all about showing the the whole world about me.
DaleSanchez1 (2)
Space Invaders With Sound Detection
We put a nice spin on space invaders by adding sound detection, the game isn't identical to space invaders but the concept is similar. For the sound d...
juniorsnow (2)
Patheway! multiple questions
im just practicing using if and else with this code. im very new to coding.
Heya! this is an example of a parallax website. I updated the images and added an article so it has a theme :) if you have feedback, let me know!
Jmajiku (16)
Blind Auction
each person can Type their names and how much they are bidding without showing anyone else and the program will work out whose offer was better.
PowerCoder (734)
#WEEKLY 1 Multiplication using recurision(6 lines of code)
I tried to make my program unique so I made this.
MilanaShkhanuko (1)
Глупый, наивный пример, который показывает, как мы можем использовать классы - контейнеры для создания своего мини-датасета.
Leomedina1935 (1)
Space Blog
News from the red planet right here right now!
jazzymaya (1)
Solved Tensorflow Installation on Free Accounts
Hello Everyone, Link to full video of all steps I took: (FYI) This video is 9mins and 23 seconds long. I wou...