Codemonkey51 (1047)
A cool blog chat client
# hello! ### Who is this random person with 900+ cycles? I am **[REDACTED]**, aka Codemonkey51. I have not been active on repl talk for a while, for...
RolandJLevy (1052)
👉 Pixel randomiser Ⓧ Ⓨ Ⓩ
### Links 🔗 - [Play the demo](https://js-pixel-randomiser.rolandjlevy.repl.co/) - [View the source code](https://replit.com/@RolandJLevy/js-pixel-ran...
phazrlazr (35)
3D Tetris :D
This is Tetris but in 3D. So the pieces you control are no longer called tetrominoes, they're now called tetracubes. And the number of blocks for each...
BobTheTomatoPie (3344)
DRAWQUIX Beta| Art Editor + Unlimited Projects
# DRAWQUIX Create and Make unlimited art projects! They will instantly save in between each mousemove! # Name glitch fixed!! Now it will always show...
lilykhan (665)
Happy birthday Piero!
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you dear Piero, Happy birthday to you... May God bless u, May God bless u... Happy...
SharpCodeDev (80)
Rock, Paper, Scissors... In Python???
# That's right, folks. In just 15 lines of Python 3 code, you can create your own rock, paper, scissors game! I hope you enjoy. 😊
Muffinlavania (1517)
The Truth
# Haha maze go brrrrrrrrr Hello peopleeee Sorry I didnt post anything for like forever, I was working on this for 5 months ~~And being lazy~~ Anyway,...
JBloves27 (1719)
REPLAPI Module! 0.0.6v - ultimate poggers
# REPLAPI Module #### _**(Version 0.0.6)**_ ##### Made by @JBYT27 and @darkdarcool ![favicon](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/66882633/11218...
Bookie0 (5974)
Title: 💪 You Can Do This!! ~ Exam Motivation (And a bonus below! ⬇️)
# 👋 Hi!! Hope ya'll are doing great -- I just had part 1 of my mock exams in school. Speaking of school, isn't it hard to keep concentrated while...
Coder100 (17038)
[ GAME ] 3D Snek
# 3D Snake! Yay!! I got unity again! Much poggers... Here's a snake game I made! It's kinda like snake, but it has a twist: you can't touch yourself,...
NoahSeiffert (9)
click run and you will have a snowflake after a bit its satisfying
OskarasZincenk1 (16)
Bruh made [EPIC] RPG
the rpg is text based and a little rough but overall was just something i would work on for fun. i am still learning java and am looking for feedback...
CSharpIsGud (922)
Bob is back for good this time! Haven't seen the original post or expecting just another chain of preprogrammed if statements? Well... ![](https://me...
IMightBeMe (30)
Join the Very Chill Empire (Did I Mention that the Empire is Chill?)
# The Empire's Pretty Chill. Maybe You Could, Like, Join it or Something? This is a site I made in `flask` with some help from @IMayBeMe. It was insp...
SwaritChoudhari (84)
To Do App
Hello there! I have made a to do app! Feel free to fork and make changes to it! Tell me if you liked it in comments. Edit: The updated version where...
rafrafraf (1395)
live chatroom one liner! (1 line series)[no5]
# You can literally make anything in one line ;) ## Here is my **one line** flask py live chatroom! ## Live chat [here](https://chatroom-inline.rafr...
JacobMcPherson1 (194)
# ITS FINISHED POG ### Changes/added stuff: * Added 2 new levels * The game has an ending now * idk `Wasd` to move `§` = enemy `■` = button `❒` = you...
KateGazzola (29)
Pine Tree
This program will create a pine tree!
python88 (298)
The Game That Has No Name (It rhymes)
If you can go though this, I will buy you a burger. Also, there is a secret code in here, and if you type it in the chat, I will give you a banananana...
dudugus (17)
qemu on repl.it
I compiled qemu and [hos-x86](https://github.com/jaychandra6/hos-x86) and ran it on repl.it! ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1...
JBloves27 (1719)
# Repl stats (kinda) and own stats! ##### Not that sophisticated, lol. --- ## Intro #### This is a console repl stats thingy. I'm also thinking of a...
Smart0ne (725)
NOTE: If you are using a chunk of code from this program, please credit me. :) More than 400 lines of code! More than 12 hours of working! More than...
dakshg (172)
# Asteroids This is a game I have worked on over the past month. I use p5js in this. 99% of the frontend is by me @EpicGamer007 did all the backend...
RyanChoe1 (185)
Among Us Drawing - New version coming out soon!
Hi guys! This is a program that draws a among us figure. I added all of the colors in Among Us. Also, should I make more drawings like an imposter or...
tussiez (1518)
SortaCraft! [0.8 Alpha]
This is my take on a Minecraft clone! This game was built with Three.js and JavaScript Modules, Web Workers and Service Workers. # NOTE This pa...
KobeFF (1260)
# BЯΣΛKӨЦƬ Hey y'all! I was bored in the middle of History class so I made this... Not too impressive but pretty good for a 40 minute session - not t...
Block Brawl [2P GAME]
# Presenting...Block Brawl! Block Brawl is a fun two-player fighting game. Two squares duel it out in a dark box and the last one standing wins! Try...
RayhanADev (1940)
A Frontend Developer’s Website? [CSS Code Injecting Website!]
OMG TRENDING YAY! This is a kewl little website (and my personal portfolio) that has a very quirky “setup” if you will. Consider checking it out: # *...
DaBadWolfz (24)
InitOS is a "mock" operating system that can be used to manage warehouse inventories. Multi-word or Single-word items can be added to the warehouse i...
matthewproskils (464)
I tried this in python once by doing it by hand, but it was WAYY to hard so I just did this instead. Anyway, here you go, some satisfying rain. Edit...