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ytmous - A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you
Yonle (29)


A anonymous Youtube that does not spy on you


  • 0% Ads
  • 0% Logging
  • 0% Tracking
  • All media is comes from "your" ytmous server, Like CSS, JS, Thumbnail, or Video.

This is still not finished.

I'm working some fix and some new feature on it. If you found some issue, Or want to do a pull, Feel free to go to ytmous github here

Alternative Mirror

Some of people experienced with 403 / 429 error in some server, And some people may asking for more mirror. Because of that, The well known mirror is already listed at here.

ch1ck3n (2065)

@xXToluwaXx also i got caught like 5 minutes after watching a video

Yonle (29)

@ch1ck3n We know the game and we'll gonna play it

G0RG3 (64)

@ch1ck3n me just got rickrolled O_ ̄o

kwe (57)

Really cool! This might not be possible but you should try adding a upload system. Again really cool! :)

Yonle (29)

@kwe I don't think that there's a upload thing in ytdl.

NickBarnett (1)

@kwe Or literally just go to youtube?
This thing is literally for watching vids.
BTW you can download vids from it.

JBloves27 (1885)

Really poggies bro. Plus, really nice website. Just a few suggestions, maybe add light theme and dark theme button, and add more styling?
Other than that, really epik :D

Yonle (29)

@JBloves27 In future update, This feature will included. stay tuned!


for most of the videos i click on, it gives me this text.

Error: status code: 404

Can you fix that?

Yonle (29)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Well but sorry. I can't fix that. it's already a proof that youtube is blocking that video only for "that" server region, and it's not our code fault.


@Yonle so is there anyway to watch that particular video, or no? it's blocked?

Yonle (29)

@RYANTADIPARTHI It's completely blocked, or Captcha Challenge requested. The only way is to change server / go to other mirror. Our well known mirrors is listed at there


@Yonle so those other links in there (Amazon, heroku, and all), will work? Will they be 404 status or will they be good?

Yonle (29)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Depend of where they're hosted ¯\_(ツ)_

The luck is depend of your choice.

Yonle (29)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Some notice, If you tried to watch age-restricted video on ytmous, It won't let you do it since ytdl won't able to do that.

M07 (2)

It's not working anymore

M07 (2)

I had however managed to get it to work by forking it and using the forked version, so that might be the temporary solution

ytmous (1)

@M07 Try another mirror here

Yonle (29)

To anyone who's asking does is officially created by me or no,

Yes. That account is official. And i create it.

Here's 2nd mirror:

OldMcDonald (2)

@Yonle can you make 5 more repl mirrors, I think a lot of people are on ytmous, and it doesn't have enough space. Thanks (this is awesome by the way)

Yonle (29)

@OldMcDonald A well known mirror is listed here

Yonle (29)

Hello guys.

We just pushed a major updates including seek bug fix. Hope you guys enjoy it.

TheScaryOnion (5)

I never comment but I had to on this cuz THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheTranscendent (6)

This great but it's probably |LL€[email protected] you know...

Yonle (29)

@TheTranscendent Well We didn't sure then ya

Yonle (29)

v2.3 Updated, Cuz why no?

piphi (5)

It worked for a little while for me, but now when I try to watch a video it takes a long time to load then it gives me this error.

Yonle (29)

@piphi It because our repl is low-powered repl. You still can play for a long time at other mirror.

piphi (5)

@Yonle sorry but I'm not familiar with this term. What's another mirror?

Yonle (29)

Anyways, If you feel this project is useful, Don't forget to star our repo!

Any fork & pull is always Welcome!

piphi (5)


thanks for unblocking youtube :)

xXToluwaXx (72)

FYI i've deployed this to heroku

OldMcDonald (2)

Add a way to rewind and fast forward the video.

codingjlu (218)

So is this yours? Or just copied from Github?

Yonle (29)

The logo itself is maded with my hand. Also yes. The project is maded by me and licensed under CC0-v1.0

Brendan23 (166)

@Yonle awesome! take that site blocker!

Yonle (29)

If you want to host ytmous, Yes you can. But it's recommended to host ytmous with Boost & Keep - Alive Enabled, Since the front-end fetch a lot of Thumbnail from "your" ytmous server and can also caused your repl process killed.

You can also submit your mirror / See other mirror in this github issue.