Paint :) but now you can record yourself painting ;)
potatojs (847)


this project is a remake for an old paint program i made

new features!

  • there is a RECORD SYSTEM(sorry i don't know what to call it :))more informations below
  • now there is no weird sharp edges, the pen is the smoothest pen EVER!
  • changes in the style and the colors
  • now you can see the size of your pen before using it
  • it works better in phone devices

the system thing

to start recording press the record button in the right side of the pen until the word 'rec' appear in the bottom left then draw! after you finish press the button again and now everything is recorded, to play it press the play button below the record one!
you can control the speed from the slider :)


edit:hi i'm going to disappear for maybe a week
but when i'm came back you will see the best projects you'll ever EVER!! TRY TO THINK TO HOPE...TO SEE

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