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Many schools have decided to start filtering out sites such as Replit which allows students to code in the browser. Some schools have called this site a "distraction" as students are choosing to learn computer science and programming as opposed to working on other subjects. This is a problem for many teachers who use Replit, as it takes away a vital educational tool. We're looking to get Replit unblocked in schools. Not only is it an educational tool, but it is helping to inspire young people to pursue computer science, which is a growing need in our advancing world. You all know how valuable Replit is, you are the power we need to get this problem solved once and for all.

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yeah idc if my school blocks the site. i already have a proxy server running that practically invincible. as they block the domains it is on i just unown that domain and get a new domain. so idc if they block anything i can just use my server to get onto it. For others though the blocking educational things is a problem so ill deff be signing the petition


why don't you run it on a static IP address, and get a domain name for the IP @AntimatterDev? That way if they block the domain, they're still not blocking the IP.


@angrydoge idk how to do that on


im not running it on my local machine im running it as a website from that i then go to on my pc and use


You have to run it on a computer @AntimatterDev


@angrydoge yeah i cant do that on my pc since its a school pc and i wouldn't be able to access it if i were to run it on my home server since i cant port forward (parents rules)


@AntimatterDev You're pretty lucky, changing the proxy server is blocked for me :(


@tussiez i dont connect my pc to a proxy. i use a custom made website


@AntimatterDev I just install OpenWrT on my router, followed by some software to get ubuntu 20.04 running along with a GUI. It is super, and SUPER slow, and I only use it as a storage server. other, i still use a chromebook w/windows


@novaflippers yeah im actually in person for schooling and cant modify the router. so i use proxy site