Prank blue screen of death (SO REALISTIC!!!)

You were playing your favorite video game (which your mom and dad told you specifically not to), when all of a sudden, oh noooes! A BSoD (blue screen of death) appears, you panic, not knowing big boi words. It restarts, then says get fooled! You've been gnomed!

Funny BSOD prank. I tried it out with my dad, he totally got fooled XD. Kinda hard to prank people since it's on a webpage (for the people who know nothing about computers, it may be easy), but nevertheless fun. Looks sooo authentic, I even put real errors in there (yes, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO is an error)! Hope you like it (hint: works best in full screen) :)

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@xxpertHacker I don't really know nodejs, I just use it in minor projects. And anyways, yeah I know how cool promises are and I'm starting to use them more. Anyways, thanks for the tip. Before, I never really used promises (and also I found out the hard way that setTimeout and setInterval aren't actually going to provide exact delays and aren't the best for determining when lines of code should execute). (btw I have nothing against promises, it's just that I never used them a lot)