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hakxy (6)

well, this a program i have been working on for almost 3 months now and now im going to share it. my program (as im currently a student) was designed to bypass network restrictions on our computers and can do many things without administrator permission. Here is a list of what it can do (im just gonna copy and paste the command list):

fedit: edits a file
del: delete a file
delf: deletes a directory
ren: renames a file
copy: copys a file from one directory to annother
mkdir: make a directory
mkfile: makes a file

read: reads a file
filesize: returns the size of a file
viewp: lists all processes
viewf: views all files in current directory
find: finds a file
users: shows all users
userinf: shows info of a user
help: all of the avaliable commands (not just the core ones)

chdir: change directory
startprog: start a program
kill: kills a process
spaceattck: creates a hidden file and multiplies its size by 2 over and over
crack md5: cracks encrypted passwords (md5)

exit: exits the program

clear: clears the screen of previous commands

this program is updated usually two or three times a month.

download it and then convert to exe with >>

this uses python 3
when converting to exe you want to write in libraries installed with pip (on py2exe website) hashlib.

thats it for this program