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The Flying Whale

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Hiya everyone!!!

So i took a bit of a break from multisnake, just got back into it, to make a cool game for the game jam!!

[party noises]

The game...




haha werent expecting that didja now?


How to play:

  1. You are the whale from the kajam promo thing
  2. SPACE to fly higher.
  3. Dodge the asteriods (no dur)
  4. Eat the planets (say whaaat?)
  5. get to size 1000, which is finally huge

Get me a heart
Play now, here

yes i built this on construct. Not cheating. Ive seen people use unity. Construct uses the same principles as coding... it is not like or scratch. Tons of logic and yes i actually did use my brain quite a bit to make this game.

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won again

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too easy maybe?