HK-DOS Operating System (Lua 5.1.5)

Hello everyone, Today i want to introduce you to a project i have been workng on for 14 days now lol

This is my first ever lua operating system i made
I call it


So this is a virtalization of a dos computer (except i made functions like dir())

It has some programs to run Thats maybe fun

For example: Notepad(), HK_AV(), Etc...

I don't know what to say anymore. I will still update this operating system, So don't worry :D

Current Version: 0.1.5

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why it is showing this i have been waiting for a long time


@AbdullaAl5 Hmmm, Try Run it again. If it continues, It is's problem, Sorry lol


@HxKprogram thank you but i still not understand the concept of this program


@AbdullaAl5 its pretty hard to understand and i know it, Its just new so i will try making it more easier.


@HxKprogram thank you