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FYU - Frick Your Users

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FYU is a simple JS file which you can add to your site to make it an ever-living hell to use.

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Getting the script

Getting the script is super easy, as it is hosted with jsDelivr (seriously that site is awesome!). All you need to do is put this at the end of the body of your site:

<script src=""></script>

Note: You can technically put it anywhere, but this script is pretty low priority to load.

Activating the Script

Actually using the script is really easy, but you might not want to use every function, so here's a litte guide:

  • loadElems() - This loads all of the elements currently on the page. You need to run this before you run any of the functions below (with the exception of makeithell()) or else it will not work.
  • makeItHell() - You have no care for the world. Every knob at the max.
  • shiftHorizontalRandom() - Shifts each element randomly left or right 4 times per second
  • shiftVerticalRandom() - Shifts each element randomly up or down 4 times per second
  • shiftRandom() - Does both shiftHorizontalRandom() and shiftHorizontalRandom at once
  • rotateRandom() - Rotates each element randomly 4 times per second. Highly unreccomended as it can interfere with the shifting functions and just look exceptionally displeasing on it's own.
  • runAway() - Makes every element "run away" from the cursor when hovered over
  • colorsRandom() - Changes every element's color and background color every 2.5 seconds
  • opacityRandom() - Changes every element's opacity every 5 seconds

Selecting Certain Elements

Now, lets say you want some elements to stay unchanged, like if you have a div which pretty much contains the entire site. All you need to do is add the dontNuke class to those HTML elements. For example, here is a <p> which would be affected and one which wouldn't:


<p>Hello there! uwu</p>

Not Affected:

<p class="dontNuke">Hello there! uwu</p>


If you would like to add your own nuking functions to this script, simply make a pr with the asyncronous function added to fyu.js and the call to the said function inside of makeItHell(). Don't worry about minifying fyu.js, as I'll end up doing that myself. If the function(s) you add aren't asyncronous, I'll comment on your pr to make the change. The reason we want to do this is to not interfere with any other scripts or functions within this script.

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what does it do(And no I won't run it)