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Login page design


A Design of login with Replit page.

It's just a simple responsive Design, It has no back-end.
It's made with pure Css!
Run the repl to see it live („• ֊ •„)


💙 Like it on Dribble

2 years ago
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wait a minute. How does that make me an upvote beggar????????
Me appreciating the fact the lilykhan upvotes all her post's comments DOESN'T make be a beggar.


And secondly,

upvoting all the comments won't get him/her banned. It is not in one of the rules I guess:


Because he/she is not exactly mass upvoting a person's post, he/she is just appreciating people appreciating their work. [BRUH]

Anyways, next time

never taunt me on upvote begging because I would never do that. Look at all my posts and comments, I never beg for upvotes.

2 years ago