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village victor
epicguyuk (39) .I made this game solo.You control a village/town/city and answer with yes and no.Its a bit basic right now as i only started it when game jam was announced.If you want a better understanding i suggest you look into the code.Sorry everything is so over the place.I hope you enjoy.
Known bug:
if you go through everything in the game no text will appear
An Infinite loop when you are attacked

AkhilGupta (16)

I think I have been stuck in an infinite loop

has been going on since around "day 5"

epicguyuk (39)

@AkhilGupta I won't be able to fix it right away(I'm on holiday)but I will fix it ASAP.Should be an easy fix.Thanks for the feedback

AkhilGupta (16)

I'd suggest using a separate repl to implement the fix, or you can get disqualified from the jam for editing it past the deadline.


epicguyuk (39)

@SaptarshiHalder could you please elaborate?


@epicguyuk The money left with me at the end of game is -280 and population -50. Is it a bug.

epicguyuk (39)

@SaptarshiHalder having negative money isn't a glitch(but i might to change that as it doesn't really make sense)and -50 population was just a result of your action however I forgot to display the stats after that.It's fixed now.


@epicguyuk Thanksfor info