(OUTDATED, KNOWN BUG) I made a text rpg "engine", and here is a little "game" to demo it...
eidhernan (38)

Updated version: https://repl.it/@eidhernan/my-game-framework

It works, but I'm kinda annoyed with the backend side of things. You can copy my code if you want, but it's a slight mess. The only thing I'm proud of is the Menu.menu() function, the cmenu() function, and so on. Oh, and the whole saving and loading thing, as well as the base.

I guess it isn't that bad, it just needs a tad bit of cleanup

The indent() function was supposed to indent text, but it doesn't do that, because it is ugly... I was going to remove it, but I ended up just rewriting it so it just returned whatever was passed into it.

I'm not proud of the backend code, and I'm not so fond of my state machine tactic, but it's better than using GOTO statements (euhhhh).

For the best experience, fork this, it will allow for saving. This was kind of rushed... haha

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