GeplChat! Devlog #2

Quick recap on what Gepl is

GeplChat is a chat website using Auth. We have dm's and private chatrooms. etc.

What's new!

@Crosis has been working hard on Gepl. Right now we have dm's, more secure WebSockets, change the background to any RGB color, Notifications, live who's typing and online, and... Friends List!

Public Commands

To friend someone, do /friend RyanGardiner1 or your friend
To DM to /msg RyanGardiner1 (Private Message) or your friend


@Crosis (Head Developer)
@19wintersp (made the beginning)
@RyanGardiner1 (me, the creator of the base)

Moderator Applications


  • must be 12+
  • must be in (duh)
  • must be kind
    Apply here
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