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The Unknown
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Website in steps of development. Used to bypass any school admin or blocked website by being enrolled. Please comment letting me now your ideas. Thanks!

Also checkout: Secure Search. Link-
What's it about?
Simply helps your searches become more safe and less errors.
All you have to do is enter your email. The device being used and click on continue. Your all set. Website is also in steps of development. Tell me if any suggestion on this as well. Thanks

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@user23802991: How it works? Well it's very simple. Starts with the first step with a load limit of 100%. The first step will spit out the second link that leads you to the actual bypassing. The third link has yet to come. The reason the first loading bar is present is to tell you your platform, tell you if your enrolled and to give you the link. The loading bar keeps it more secret without just giving you the link, that will make it more noticeable. "The Unknown" is going to be a great hit off for any school district that blocks any website. Be ready for the official release.

All updates come at beginning of new year and Christmas time.

I'm available at: [email protected]