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unimaginably simple tic tac toe game (epic) (pog)
ch1ck3n (2042)

as we all know

Tic tac toe is a super complex game; even Einstein can't figure out how to play it. Nevertheless, for centuries mathematicians and nerds have tried to figure out how to play this most confuzzling game. Tic tac toe, as we also all know, was invented by Monkes 24.8 billion years ago. They were as smart as an alien at level 5 on the Kardashev scale.

But, a new species of a human came along. They solved the tic tac toe game, and now it is a very popular game in the muggle world.

They were known as ch1ck3n.

They soon made a online version of it, with excellent css.

play now

or monkes will atak you

play on

tankerguy1917 (178)

Nice. I like the sway effect.

play now or monkes will atak you
Glad I played.

P0GCHAMPB0i (55)

am i on somebodies accunt?

ch1ck3n (2042)

@P0GCHAMPB0i you are on everybody's account

ch1ck3n (2042)

@ThanhTails i havent made accounts since everybody complained about accounts

ThanhTails (32)

AWESOME! The better than good game!
Great job!👏👏

EdwardBentler (34)

Amazing graphics and CSS, such a simple game that even I could make, and yet it feels like this would also be impossible for me.

EdwardBentler (34)

I also read the text in the post afterwards, and I'd like to say that's a better history lesson than I can give, and I made a text adventure called Historically Accurate!