AdCharity (1322)

Preface: the only links in there are google, some bing stuff, repl, and stack overflow


Need I say more? The fake search engine is here. It's pretty much missing the most critical parts of an engine (like pagination, mobile support, and indexing) but I think it captures the essence of finding link matches.


You can fork the project and take a look at config.js so you can input your own types of links (the crawler will crawl all links and then crawl those links etc.) It's fairly unstable since I used request and cheerio for images and the crawler crashes but oh well.


  • Featured right now: image and link search
  • Coming: pagination, indexing, mobile support (if I don't abandon the project)
  • Update 1: images that don't work are removed
  • Update 2: Scraping slightly better (still bad)
  • Update 3: Matches partial matches (like spaces in between)
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LiamDonohue (294)

uh i forked it but it just says run repl for output after i ran it

AdCharity (1322)

@LiamDonohue wut If you want to add links you have to go to config.js and add them from there (and turn on dev)

LiamDonohue (294)

in what place do I put links? @AdCharity

AdCharity (1322)

@LiamDonohue you can manually add links in database/testing.json or you can crawl for links in config.js (set dev = true and then crawl for a desired link)