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Minecraft in JavaScript


Minecraft in JavaScript

Update: Removed faulty game loop library, sped up game by 1000%


Up - Space
Down - Left or Right Shift
Horizontal Movement - wasd
Camera Movement - Mouse
Switch Blocks - Number Keys
Place Block - Right Click
Destroy Block - Left Click

If the repl won't load use this URL instead:

2 years ago
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On your thoughts about the GUI, the inventory is dependent on HTML elements since I'm too lazy to write down positions (e.g 254,542), however that's a good idea anyway. I am using CSS to animate the tools though, and that's why I'm using elements. Half slabs were actually a test, and it works :) The collisions don't check for slabs, however I could simply do ".5" instead of "1". Disabling highlighting isn't too hard..

I wouldn't say the game is laggy.. it typically runs about 30-40 fps on Chromebooks, but works fine on more powerful devices. Keep in mind Chromebooks can't handle Minecraft very well (They've released Education Edition for the Chromebook, but it's a very "lightweight" version of the game)

Thanks for the feedback!

2 years ago